It is a time of freedom and fear, of Gaia and of borders, of many paths and the widening of a universal toll road, emptying country and swelling cities, of the public bought into privacy and the privacy of the public sold into invisible data banks and knowing algorithms. It is the time of the warrior's peace and the miser's charity, when the planting of a seed is an act of conscientious objection.

These are the times when maps fade and direction is lost. Forwards is backwards now, so we glance sideways at the strange lands through which we are all passing, knowing for certain only that our destination has disappeared. We are unready to meet these times, but we proceed nonetheless, adapting as we wander, reshaping the Earth with every tread.

Behind us we have left the old times, the standard times, the high times. Welcome to the irregular times.

Monday, October 07, 2002
A note on the message from Rania Masri posted below:

Through the work of our Irregular Investigations team, the Irregular Times staff has learned that Senator Robert Byrd has made no public statements indicating that he is considering a filibuster to block approval of war powers for George W. Bush. However, there are many indications that he is indeed privately considering such a tactic.

Senator Byrd's home office in Charleston, West Virginia acknowledges the existence of strong rumors of an upcoming filibuster, and replies to questions about this rumor that the sentator has made no "public statements" about making a filibuster. The implication, of course, is that Senator Byrd has discussed the possibility of a filibuster with his aides. Otherwise, his staff would be free to directly state that the senator has not considered and has not discussed the idea of mounting a filibuster to prevent the passage of a pro-war resolution. The senator's Charleston office refuses to either confirm or deny the development of filibuster plans.

Given this set of signals provided by Senator Byrd's staff, we believe that it is reasonable to conclude that the senator is indeed in the process of deciding whether or not to stage a filibuster to protest the acquiesence of the other 99 senators to Bush's plans for an unprovoked invasion of Iraq.

We therefore endorse the campaign to contact Senator Byrd's offices in order to support the idea of an anti-war filibuster on his part. Because the senator's national office in Washington D.C. is very busy dealing with callers offering support to his courageous stand against war, we suggest calling his Charleston office at
304-342-5855 or emailing the senator's office at

As America stands on the precipice of a new militaristic national identity, every message counts. Please help Senator Robert Byrd be heard over the pounding drums of war.

Posted by J. Clifford Cook at 11:04 AM# (permalink)

An appeal from Rania Masri:

"Friends of Peace,

Sen. Robert Byrd is considering a filibuster against the war resolution of the Administration. His office is taking a poll on whether he should do this. Please call Sen. Byrd (1-800-839-5276 for the Capitol Switchboard) and ask him to filibuster the war resolution. Please also call your U.S. Senator and ask them to support a filibuster. Senator Robert Byrd, PHONE:202-224-3954; FAX: 202-228-0002

We need to swamp these offices to urge them on. A filibuster may be the only impediment to the war plans and it may spark demonstrations of support in DC and around the country. Finally please circulate this to others so that it can be widely distributed. Please remember that the final vote has not happened in the House so keep after representatives as well."

Posted by Theodiclus Lock at 10:35 AM. # (permalink)

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