It is a time of freedom and fear, of Gaia and of borders, of many paths and the widening of a universal toll road, emptying country and swelling cities, of the public bought into privacy and the privacy of the public sold into invisible data banks and knowing algorithms. It is the time of the warrior's peace and the miser's charity, when the planting of a seed is an act of conscientious objection.

These are the times when maps fade and direction is lost. Forwards is backwards now, so we glance sideways at the strange lands through which we are all passing, knowing for certain only that our destination has disappeared. We are unready to meet these times, but we proceed nonetheless, adapting as we wander, reshaping the Earth with every tread.

Behind us we have left the old times, the standard times, the high times. Welcome to the irregular times.

The Republican Party, Wall Street Journal and Blogosphere: At it Again!
Saturday, November 15, 2003
The Republican Party is at it again.

In an e-mail to the Bush faithful, the Bush-Cheney campaign team writes of George Soros that "the Wall
Street Journal says that he sees 'America as the gravest threat to world freedom.'"

Wow! George Soros sees America as the gravest threat to world freedom? Wow. I mean, it's a quote, right?

No. The Bush-Cheney campaign team pulls a fast one here. See, the quotes around "America as the gravest threat to world freedom" refer to the Wall Street Journal, not to George Soros. The Wall Street Journal of November 10, 2003 reads as follows:

More recently, since September 11, Mr. Soros has made it his goal to burst what he has called "the bubble of America supremacy." He has said that having helped to liberate Communist countries, he now views America as the gravest threat to world freedom. In the Financial Times in March, he wrote that Mr. [Bush] "deliberately fosters fear because it helps to keep the nation lined up behind the president."

See, the Wall Street Journal doesn't quote George Soros as stating the phrase "America as the gravest threat to world freedom." But the Bush-Cheney campaign uses the quotes to make it appear that George Soros said it. The truth is, I cannot find a single reference to George Soros referring to "America as the gravest threat to world freedom" on Google, Google News or the entire Lexis-Nexis archive of news transcripts, world news, U.S. newspapers, magazines, or abstracts.

That's because, of course, George Soros didn't say these words. The Wall Street Journal Editorial staff said them.

And now conservative stooges like Michael Costello continue to spread this piece of falsehood, embellishing it even further in posts like these:

George Soros, currency trader and destroyer of nations, has chosen his man - Howard Dean - as the best candidate to advance his cause of bursting "the bubble of American supremacy."

He believes that America represents the " the gravest threat to world freedom."

Michael Costello's concoction is further distanced from reality, making no reference to the Wall Street Journal but instead generating a sentence that can only be interpreted as a false reference to the direct words of George Soros.

So hey, conservatives, if you are going to insult George Soros, who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance of mine, at least bother to look up the original source before you do. This makes you look really ignorant, and I'm inclined to disbelieve the rest of what you write.

But wait! There's more!
I could stop there. But there's more to bother about in this whole affair. There's the whole "bubble of American supremacy" quote.

Does George Soros really want to burst "the bubble of American Supremacy?"

Gosh, the Wall Street Journal sure makes it look like he does. But the handily anonymous editorial staff doesn't include the verb "burst" in their quote, do they? The quote is the title of an editorial Soros wrote for The Korea Herald, the text of which closely follows an editorial Soros wrote for the Financial Times (that's the editorial the Wall Street Journal refers to in the quote [of the WSJ! Not Soros!] above).

What does Soros say in these editorials? Well, follow that link and read his words yourself. He worries about the possibility that George W. Bush is, in his hyperbolic approach, inflating a bubble of false expectations that will inevitably burst, causing great harm as a result. Let me, you know, directly quote Soros:

"In a boom-bust process, passing an early test tends to reinforce the misconception that has given rise to it. That could happen here.

It is not too late to prevent the boom-bust process from getting out of hand." (Source: Financial Times of London March 13, 2003)

See? Soros said he wants to prevent the whole boom-bust thing. The Wall Street Journal editorial staff is twisting and spinning like a hyperkinetic D.J. to make it appear that the opposite is true.

So let's review:
  1. The quoted words of George Soros? Soros didn't say them.
  2. In teeny tiny words, Soros no want bust bubble. Soros want bubble not bust!
  3. Oooga! Booga! Ug Mug! (perhaps the conservative blogosphere will understand this phrasing.)

Am I surprised? No. But I am mighty miffed. I urge you to do your best to stop this latest round of B.S..

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Free speech in the San Francisco Airport
Friday, November 14, 2003
Free Speech Fun Behind Security at the Airport

So, I made it through security at the San Francisco airport this morning, after taking off some of my clothes and having my body patted down by a large, poorly-shaved man with an eagle patch on his shoulder. I'm now in the "sanitized" zone.

Oops! Someone left an Internet terminal here in the "sanitized" zone, and so, I am able to send you all this message of free speech, even though I am sitting in the heart of America's insecurity complex.

With you as my witness, I'll say those words that are supposed to get me thrown out of the airport and into jail:

Bomb! Hijacking! Terrorist plot! Knife! Explosive! Suicide speaker!

Dissent! Critical thinking! Don't Bless America, God - take a vacation in Malawi for awhile, cause you're not doing your job!

Don't go out and shop for America like a Patriot! Save your money and take a day off from work! Spend time with your family!

Homosexual! Prayerlessness! Reading books! Walking! Recycling! Throw your cell phone in the tub!

You have been witness to the first Internet broadcast of a political tourette's seizure from within a major American airport. Thank you.

Oh, the thin blue carpeting! Oh, the horror!

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Fun Fun Correspondence
Thursday, November 13, 2003

Fun Fun Correspondence!

Corresponding with librul-haturs can be so much fun! I wanted you to share in the glow of correspondence our Theo has been having with "SLMLAWNYC." SLMLAWNYC started it all off:

You left wing idiots sicken me and many other like mindeed people. Unfortunately for you, Bush will be re-elected in a landslide. Protest all you want; better still, get real jobs and stop sponging off the taxpayers' money (or Daddy's).



Thanks for your kind thoughts. It may interest you to know that all the contributors to Irregular Times have full-time jobs.



p.s. You misspelled "minded", and usually "left wing" is hyphenated. Have a nice day!

Thank you for mindless comments. I know how to spell, thank you very much. I also trust I am far mored educated than you and your band of malcontents. I think you lefties are a bunch of misguided fools who are actively seeking to ruin our country and undermine cherished values. You have perfected the art of character assassination. It is time for me and other like minded individuals, who do not espouse your malignant views, to repsond and expose you for the scum you are. The culture wars continue to rage and history will show you to be on the losing side.

P.S. Is a "real job" one which entails "community service" or state employement (a/k/a sucking on the taxpayers' tit)?



Thanks for sharing more of your kind words. Your correspondence goes a long way to dismissing the notion that conservatives are meanies. My mommy always told me that asking about others' educational attainment was kind of rude, but since you've opened the Pandora's box of "character assassination" with your "mored education" comment, I suppose I should point out that I am a PhD. However, I'm sure (scum that I am) that my PhD is a really scummy PhD.

Gosh, it's really fun playing the progression of assumptions game, isn't it? If a liberal isn't out of work and collecting a check from daddy, it must be that he's a government worker sucking at the public "teat." I like "teat" so much better than "tit." It's much more fun to say: tit, tit, tit, teat, teat, teat. Try it! You may be interested to know that all contributors to Irregular Times have private-sector jobs.

Rather than make an assumption, I'll ask: does the middle of SLMLAWNYC refer to "LAW"? What sort of teat are you sucking at?

Corresponding with conservatives is so much fun! I'm looking forward to your next linguistic catapult. Raise the barriers! Storm the barricades!



Of course you have a Ph.D. You are an egghead, just like the rest of your fellow travelers. For your information, I am self made and
an intellectual. Yes, I am also a lawyer, but I do not engage in the type of abusive practices lefties are notorious for. The bottom
line is that your conduct verges on the traitorous, as does that of much of the left. Simply cannot get over the 2000 election. Well,
it is about time you did. Bush will be re-eleected, your foolishness notwithstanding. I also submit that the Republicans will gain seats in both the House and Senate. Your efforts are certain to faciliate that. For that, I should be grateful. By the by, the notion that conservatives are "mean" is entirely simplistic and untrue. Unlike liberals, conservatives genuinely seek to assist and enable ordinary people to help themselves. You would rather tell them how to live and pereptuate the culture of victimology. In that sense, then, I am far more liberal and fair then you will ever be. Good luck in P.C. land.


LAWNY (may I call you LAWNY?),

I really have got to thank you for a rip-roaring good time. What fun it is to ride the ever-shifting waves of your indignation. Thanks for letting me learn more about myself. First, I was an unemployed daddy-exploiter. Then I was a public employee. Then I was not as educated as you. Now I am an over-educated egghead.

Let's let bygones be bygones about the first three there, since they weren't true. But I have to say you've hit it on the head with the "egghead" bit -- my head has always been a bit thick and misshapen around the temples, which really makes it hard to wear a hat. A shame, really; I'd like to think a fedora would complement my eyebrows, but I'll never know.

Oh, right, then there's the bit about living in P.C. land. You got it right, I'm on a P.C.. My brother prefers Macs. Oh, my wife says perhaps you mean "politically correct" -- you know, they kind of thing where people assert that saying the wrong thing is a punishable offense or something. Please do me a favor and let me know exactly where on we've suggested that someone be punished just for saying something. Not ridiculed, mind you, but actually punished for speaking their mind. I just can't find it and I'm sure that you've been extra careful not to just toss that ol' "P.C." label about!

Hey, speaking of punishable offenses for just saying stuff and all, LAWNY, I thought maybe I could get a bit of legal advice. Now I can't pay for it and all, but considering that I don't have a lawyer myself, you're the closest thing I've got. You say that by using my speech on Irregular Times I'm verging on treason. Well, land's sakes! I certainly don't want to get arrested for treason, now do I? I mean, hey, you're the expert and everything on the law, but I hear there's a death penalty or something associated with treason. I like my neck very much and am not keen on having it stretched or broken or anything on the gallows (really wouldn't go with my big ol' egghead, don't you know). So I need your help. Please, oh, please, before the cops come and knock down my door and take me away, let me know exactly what portion of verges on treason. I must reform my ways, and mighty quick!

Your legal opinion about my verging and all has me worried about consequences beyond myself. Silly lefty fellow-travelling tendency, that worrying. Or is it "hand-wringing?" Well, at any rate, I suspect that you're referring in your expert legal opinion to Iraq and George W. Bush. I say this because a lot of people have been giving me their legal opinions about my verging and all, and usually it's verging on treason (never jaywalking, I've noticed), and usually due to something about Iraq and George W. Bush. Maybe this is the pro bono work that you lawyer types are supposed to do occasionally. Thanks so much! But I have to complain about the diligence of your fellow lawyers who visit They never get down to the legal code nitty gritty about treason and all, letting me know what my specific offense is. Maybe they're saving it for the grand jury! Horrors!

Well, to get back to the point, I notice that in the latest CBS news poll, 51% of Americans say the war with Iraq was NOT "worth the loss of American life and other costs of attacking Iraq." That's not exactly my position, but I worry that it's close enough for the majority of Americans to be verging on treason. Shocking! What, in your professional legal opinion, will the consequence of this massive burst of treason be? After everyone is arrested, where will they be put? The prisons just aren't big enough. Who will mow their lawns? Will their grass grow long and seedy, making the remainder of non-treasonous America sneeze unnecessarily? Who will make the car payments? Help me understand. I'm afraid that in my egg-headed PC under-educated over-educated full-time non-working welfare-slob private sector government employee state, I'm just all atwitter and am in over my head. I need you to rescue me.

But my, how rude of me. We've been talking so much about me, me, me and my "needs." See, you're right! I'm just focusing on myself as a victim (you're right, victimology!) of the impending legal doom I seem to be facing. Treason, schmeason, we've forgotten you! My apologies. As a lawyer, whose teat do you suckle from? Sorry, LAWNY, but you used such evocative imagery that I've just got to stick with it. What kind of law do you practice? Whose milky emissions do you imbibe? You can't be a "self-made" lawyer, right? I mean, lawyers represent people and corporate entities and estates and states and stuff, right? So c'mon, share!

Come and get me, LAWNYkins,


You should be so lucky. Stop wasting my time with absurdities.



Absurd? Oh, darn. Now I'm "absurd." No, that's not a mean thing to say at all. You've just opened my eyes to my absurdity -- a bit. But you haven't told me exactly what I've said that's absurd. Again, I need your help (hey, takes a village). You'll have to help me out here (it takes a village, don't you know). Which of the following is absurd?

1) Your progression of mistaken assumptions about what a liberal is.
2) Your failure to explain just what about merits a label of "P.C."
3) Your use of the epithet "P.C." to refer to me while you say I'm verging on treason.
4) Your failure to explain just what about my behavior is verging on treason (although, since you've only encountered my speech, must have something to do with my speech).
5) The apparently indiscriminate and as yet unsubstantiated use of legal accusations by a lawyer of all people.
6) Your unwillingness to share any details about your teats, even while you make mistaken assumptions about mine.

Or is it something else that's absurd? I still need your help. I am a wee lost verging foolish absurd liberal lamby lost in the woods who needs to be shown the way. You seemed eager to instruct me in my error before. Why won't you instruct me now?

Have a sunshiny day,


P.S. Come on, I know you're an eager beaver! After all, you wrote "It is time for me and other like minded individuals, who do not espouse your malignant views, to repsond and expose you for the scum you are."

So repsond! Repsond! Expose me for the scum I am!



Evidently, you have too much time on your hands. That is why you teach, or, more aplty, propogandize. Why not use it to communciate with someone who cares about your malignant agenda and nonsensical politics? Though I do not know you, I have no respect for you, your ideas, or your fellow travelers. I simply wish you would all fade away. Why not give Clinton a call?? Billy that is ... maybe you'll get a cigar too

You stupid maggot. Get a life. Go protest something!! There must be a cause for you to espouse. How about gay marriage? A peace rally in support of deposed dictators? You lefties are all talk and no action. Why is it that we you are confronted on the street by the likes of me you back down like wimps??? Cannot take the heat, huh; rather, too cowardly to stand up for what you believe in. Boo boos hurt, after all



Wow, you're so right. I am such a loser! And you, on the other hand, have continued to show me that conservatives really aren't mean people after all! You are such a kind, generous, thoughtful person to help point out my weaknesses like this. Well, you go on and have a nice day too!

Oh, wait. Before you go, could you (I know, pesky things, these details) help me by clarifying some aspects of the constructive criticism you've offered so far? The list is unfortunately accumulating. I know, you're letting the suspense build so you can explain everything in a blinding burst of reason, right? You're just waiting for the best moment to repsond, exposing me for the scum I am, right? Well, let that moment be now. Please help me, a lowly scum egghead lefty cowardly wimp verging traitor, emerge from my villany. Help this "maggot" turn into a beautiful conservative butterfly!

I really need you to answer these questions in order for me to proceed down the path to your holy truth:

1) Do all we liberals get checks from our daddies? If so, how can I get my daddy to start sending me one?
2) What about merits a label of "P.C."?
3) When you say I'm verging on treason, how is that not a "P.C." tactic? I'm sure the answer is out there, really really out there. So repsond! Explain it all to me!
4) What about is verging on treason? Repsond! Let me know, so I may mend my ways before the police get me. Maybe when I understand I can even turn myself in to the authorities!
5) What sort of teat do you suckle from? What kind of work do you do, and who are you dependent upon?
6) How would I go about "fading away"? Should I wear progressively lighter colors and paler face paint every day?
7) What does Bill Clinton have to do with any of this?
8) Propaganda (see, no second "o") is defined by Merriam-Webster as "ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause." So what's the problem with propaganda, unless it's not factual? That must be it. Can you find some falsehoods at that I could correct?

LAWNY, I must admit I am kind of hurt by your reticence in answering these questions. It pains my lime-green cable-knit sweater loser maggot faggot (wait, no, I'm married. Well, I am a liberal. I guess must be a faggot in denial) heart that you think I'm not trying to respond to your very very helpful comments! I'm trying SOOOOO HARD! I WANT to change! I WANT to be just like you! But you have to show me the road, LAWNY, because (OK, I admit it) being a stupid maggot liberal I just don't understand unless you spell these things out for me.

The problem is, LAWNY, that my "fellow travellers" are giving me a hard time. They're posting your e-mails on Irregular Times for the whole world to see and they're making fun of you, right now. They're saying that you can't hack it and that's why you're not clarifying your statements. They say you're just full of bile. Isn't that just tacky? I mean, I'm sure you're full of blood and spit, too. And phlegm. Another fun word to say: try it!

We've got to show them, LAWNY. I know you've been holding back because it's just too easy for you, but ditch that humility, fellow citizen, and show me my comeuppance. Repsond!

Have a very very good day!



You really have far too much time on your hand. Put it simply: you and the rest of your left wing pals are a bunch of misguided, malignant narcissists. You truly are lacking in sense and, as with our disgraced ex-President, have serious problems with truth. Not everything is relative. Sorry your Dadddy does not send you money; but, after all, you are supposed to be an adult. If you have a Ph.D., as you allege, you would only be unemployed if you were a conservative ... or a complete loser. I know how receptive the campuses are to diversity of thought! Give it a rest; better still, give me an address so that I can visit you and "share" more fully my feelings.





Oooh, is that a threat? Are you going to beat me up? Really, honestly, truly? My nasty liberal friends say they want to come with cameras so you can get arrested after they record the evidence, but I know you really just want to knock some sense into me with your fist. How helpful to me! And how helpful to your cause: I mean, after everyone reads about another conservative threatening to beat up a pesky liberal, I bet they won't subscribe to the unfair stereotype of conservatives as bullies any more. No sir! You are NOT a meanie!

Looking back, I notice that you made reference to physically "confronting" other liberal maggot wimps on the street. Is this your usual approach to discourse?

Seriously, SLMLAWNYC, I would have thought that for a lawyer to threaten physical harm to another person was professionally unethical and stuff. Be careful, my friend! Someone might arrest you too, or even look you up on and stuff and give you a hard time. Hey, look on the bright side: you can share a cell with me while I'm awaiting trial for treason! I bet we'd get along just peachily.

I would love to give it a rest, my new pal, but I just can't until I get some actual answers from you. You've reiterated the broad claim that I "have serious problems with truth," and you made another reference to Clinton for some bizarre reason, but in the end you're just like all the others who have entered my life. Just like all the others! Sob. You woo me, you compliment me, you give me constructive criticism, but do you follow through with substantiation? Nope! Well, I never. I'm tempted to get a bit miffed. It's hard waiting for answers to questions.

I know! It must be that some technohacker magically snipped those questions right out of the message. Oh, evil technohacker! So let me restate them for you, and I'm sure you'll answer them right away. After all, you ARE good and I AM evil, right? It must be so easy for you to just answer the questions. Right, so here they are, plus a few more:

1) Do all we liberals get checks from our daddies? If so, how can I get my daddy to start sending me one?
2) What about merits a label of "P.C."?
3) When you say I'm verging on treason, how is that not a "P.C." tactic? I'm sure the answer is out there, really really out there. So repsond! Explain it all to me!
4) What about is verging on treason? Repsond! Let me know, so I may mend my ways before the police get me. Maybe when I understand I can even turn myself in to the authorities!
5) What sort of teat do you suckle from? What kind of work do you do, and who are you dependent upon?
6) How would I go about "fading away"? Should I wear progressively lighter colors and paler face paint every day? What if I walk in front of a dark surface, then? Do I need to change my clothes at night to solve this problem and keep fading?
7) What does Bill Clinton have to do with any of this?
8) You say that I "have serious problems with truth." Help me. Can you find some actual falsehoods at that I could correct?
9) What is it about threatening to beat people up that satisfies you? Is this kind of approach related to your politics?

You may want to beat me up, but I just want you to wish you an extra-SMURFY day!



P.S. I think you're a bully, and I never let bullies intimidate me. I live at [address supplied by e-mail to the bully, since clearly he is just a blowhard]. So now you have the power to come down and beat the shit out of me. Big fucking deal. I also have a four year-old son. He's kind of liberal himself, at least for a four year-old. Are you going to beat him up, too? Would you like to beat up my wife? She's four months pregnant. I bet that would be satisfying. Keep in mind that since I'd rather you not beat me, my son, or my wife up, you're going to be held liable.

Or are you just full of hot air?

Hey, I have a great idea! Why don't you give me YOUR address now? We can be pen pals! Bye for now, sweetiekins.

P.P.S. Who's being "malignant" here?

I would not waste my time on you, misguided fool. Do you think it important to continue sending inane and expansive e-mails? I gather
you have nothing better to do. A few final words: Bush is not Hitler. Conservatives are not evil. Rooting out terrorism is just.
The trouble is, by virtue of your mindset and indoctination, you see none of this. Hence, your failure to see the relevance of
Clinton and other P.C. lefties. The "peace protesters" here in NYC were anything but peaceful. Get a grip and write someone who cares
about what you may have to say. Reason is as foreign to you and your ilk as is common sense and decency




I get it.

You've been *projecting* the whole time.

That's why you make odd defenses against imagined slights that were never made. Of course Bush is not Hitler, and we refuse appeals to sell stickers on this site that would say so. And we never say that conservatives are evil -- in fact, the whole problem with Bushite conservatives is their whole obsession with dividing the world into evil and good. Do you spend a lot of time looking for evil? Looking for traitors? Really what's going on is that you're looking for the imagined Hitlers out to get you, right?

You threatened to beat me up because you feel scared and small, right? Worried about people out to get you, right? So you get all cocky 'til someone calls you on it, then you retreat into your shell with a "would not waste my time" comment. Typical bully behavior.

You imagined that I was less educated than you because you harbor some insecurity about not having enough education, right?

You tossed out the "P.C." insult because you're overly familiar with wanting to shut people up, right?

You keep calling me maggot, stupid, loser, fool, etc. because you worry that's what you are.

You ask me to stop writing you because secretly you yearn to stop writing what you're putting out there. You wrote me, not the other way around. You chose to read Irregular Times in the first place. I think you DO care. I think you're looking for a way out.

I think you lash out at the liberals because it drives you batty that there are some people out there who can handle fear, who don't feel the need to go punch or bomb people who scare them. That must really bug you.

I'm going to stop asking you to answer my questions, because it's clear that you have neither the desire or ability to do so. What I am going to do is suggest that you get professional help, or at least stop for a minute, read what you've written, and think about it.

Sincerely wishing you well in spite of your inappropriate vitriol,


[At this point, SLMLAWNYC stopped writing back substantive e-mails and started threatening to sue me. Bully.]

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This election season is exciting because it marks the return of that old kind of populist politics in which people got together in small and large gatherings to deliberate, celebrate and determine the shape of national elections.

This is the sort of thing we've been getting wind of, and it's a breath of fresh air. While we're not anywhere near Salem, Massachussets, we're happy to spread the word:

You are invited to:

an evening of Song, Resistance & Inspiration

Saturday, November 22, 2003
starting at 4:00 p.m.
suggested donation $10

A songfest led by
Daniel Patrick Welch

proceeds to benefit the campaign for
Dennis Kucinich for President

hosted by Dan Welch & Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde
at The Greenhouse School*
145 Loring Avenue
Salem, MA
(take the #455 bus from Haymarket, you Boston types--no excuse: it stops right in front of the school!)

We may try to have the event available online later for those who can't attend or who live far away--depends on how hi-tech we get and how much help we have...any websites/techies out there want to help with a webcast? Or at least help to spread the word, hosting, linking, etc....

Party evolution: Julia and I were talking, and she said "you know, honey--you know a lot of songs...." It occured to us that we could put them to use for a worthy cause, in addition to just keeping us awake on the highway on long late-night trips home....

So bring your guitar, drum, voice--whatever. Or if you are song-shy, your eyes and ears (and feet!)

We'll dust off those old Wobbly songs, union songs, peace songs--all the old hell- and roof-raisers--from Joe Hill to Joe Jackson's son, the King of Pop. It's time to heal the world--join us!

Please RSVP so we will have an idea how many may attend--maybe we'll need a bigger hall!


*School name for venue location only
This is not a sponsored school event

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Irregular Business Aphorism:

The customer is not right when the customer is a royal pain in the ass.

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Irregular Challenge for a Cause: Stem Cell Research
You don't need to be injured or ill to benefit from the stem cell research that George W. Bush is trying to squelch. I'm in fine health right now, and I'm fortunate enough that nobody in my family has an illness or injury of the devastating sort that stem cell therapy could ameliorate. But I also know that the chances are good that someone I know will eventually need the sort of treatment that stem cell could provide.

So this month, thanks to a suggestion by Jennifer from Cary, I'm pleased to offer a challenge that might do a bit for stem cell research while encouraging you to get the word out. If you've visited Irregular Goods, you'll know we've pledged to donate 25 percent of our monthly profits to progressive charities. If we receive 15 orders between now and November 30 for items from our page on stem cell research, we'll make our monthly donation to the Stem Cell Research Foundation. That's an amount in the hundreds of dollars. So if you're inclined to get a sticker supporting stem cell research, now is the time.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Mother Davis climbs her family tree as she calls out:

Let us consider family values!

Yesterday, I glanced at the USA Today newspaper in the library, and my eye was caught by by one of those little charts they've always put down in the corner of the front page. According to this chart, the number one reason that most American families do not sit down together for an evening meal is that one or more of the parents is forced to work long hours that bring them home long after dinnertime is over!

What!?!? You mean Hollywood isn't to blame? You mean it isn't the "Gay Agenda"? How could it be that the lack of mandatory prayer in school was not to blame? I'm shocked! Shocked!

No, it looks like the reason that American families can't even sit down to dinner together anymore is that they're having to work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet.

Now, I find this to be kind of interesting, considering that one of the Republican Party's current missions is to ABOLISH OVERTIME PAY. No, really, it's true! George W. Bush himself spent months this year pushing a bill through Congress that would have made millions of American workers exempt from overtime pay. So, under the Bush plan, American workers ought to work overtime, taken away from their family evening meals, but then get no overtime pay for it. That's actually what the Bush bill said!

Folks, that's not family values. That's corporate values. That's Republican elite values.

The Republicans are the anti-family values party, and America needs to wake up before Bush and the Republicans do further damage to the American working family.

Expressing her subtle opinon,
Mother Davis

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
The "Texas Revolution" Hits NPR?

So, I'm down in Dallas this week on a business trip, and I turn on the local NPR station to get what ought to be a dose of sanity, but what do I find? The Dallas area NPR station interrupted the ordinary Morning Edition programming in order to run a fawning interview with the chairwoman of the Texas State Republican Committee. During this interview, the State Republican Chair was given the chance to declare that Texans all think that Bush is doing a wonderful job in Iraq, and that no one here really minds that the Texas Republican Party gerrymandered ("redistricted") the state so as to create new seats for Republicans in the United States Congress.

Any challenging questions from the local interviewer? Nope.
Any chance for the Chair of the Texas State Democratic Committee to offer a rebuttal? Nope.
Any dissenting Texan opinion at all? Nope.

Listen, I admit that I'm not in Texas more than three or four times a year, but I've got to ask: Is this business as usual down here? If any Texans want to give me some insight on this, please comment on the link directly below.

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Monday, November 10, 2003
In his remarks tonight at the Convention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, George W. Bush said, "I appreciate the grass roots folks who are here, the people making this party work." "Grass roots folks?" It cost $2,000.00 a person for these "grass roots folks" to make it in the door. Those are some some pretty richly fertilized "grass roots." I'd like to see the grass.

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Reason #446 to Boot Bush
"No amount of money can truly compensate these brave men and women for the suffering that they went through" -- so says Bush Administration spokesman Scott McClellan. The Bush Administration really means "no amount of money." After a group of American soldiers tortured by Saddam Hussein won a court settlement for compensation of their suffering in time of war, the Bush Administration took away the pool of money from which the compensation was to come. Why will these soldiers never see a dime? The money is needed for the prosecution of Bush's new war of choice in Iraq.

(Source: New York Times November 10, 2003)

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Respecting the Weekly World News
Sunday, November 09, 2003
Yesterday, I was waiting in the checkout line at my local grocery store when my eyes hit the latest issue of the Weekly World News. This week, they'd put a doctored photo of Osama Bin Laden and Hitler riding a camel together and splashed a headline across the front exclaiming the importance of this recent documentary find.

Ha, ha, ha! What silliness!

But then it hit me that this sort of blatant fakery isn't that far removed from what George W. Bush and his cronies are up to.

George W. Bush is the Weekly World President.

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