2008 reasons to elect a progressive president in 2008
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  • Four years ago, we wrote the book 2004 Reasons to Boot Bush. Now, as the 2008 presidential election approaches, we're thinking bigger. In 2008, our effort will be more than just the defeat of one particular politician. Our goal must look beyond the mere battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. In 2008, we aim to elect a progressive President.

    2008 is the number that will be at the top of America's political consciousness for the next two years, and so we have set the goal of compiling a list of 2,008 reasons to elect a progressive President. Our deadline is January, 2008. If we don't have our full list of 2,008 reasons completed by that date, we will write a check for $2008.00 to each and every active Republican presidential campaign - and with no incumbent President or Vice President in the running, we expect there to be a large number of Republican candidates this time around. We have no intention to write those checks. We oppose the Republican agenda, so we intend to achieve our goal.

    Of course, this is a big undertaking. So, we'll be grateful for any help that our readers can give. In addition to the topically-organized sections of the list that you see here, we're devoting an entire category of our blog to the list of 2008 reasons to elect a progressive President. We'll be placing each of our reasons as blog entries there, but we're also accepting your ideas for reasons to add to the list, which you can submit as comments on any of the articles there.

    Reason #1: The progressive tradition is the source of the highest ideals of what it means to be an American: Liberty, peace, enlightenment, justice, cooperation, prosperity, responsibility, and the value of humanity. A progressive President will guide America according to this tradition, and return our nation to its higher path.

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