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Alabama Against Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is from Georgia, but the congressional district he once represented (before voters kicked him out of Congress for ethical violations and general incompetence) stretched all the way to Alabama, so the people of Alabama know Gingrich pretty well. Liberal blog Left in Alabama skewers Gingrich as among "those who serve their wives with divorce papers as they recover from cancer surgery."

Even Republicans voters like Robert Brown of Gadsden, Alabama concede of Gingrich that "he's got a tendency to rub people the wrong way". It's been satirically noted that Newt Gingrich would have made a successful candidate for Governor of Alabama... in the 1950s era of racial segregation.

Where Can Opponents of Gingrich in Alabama Turn?

There is not yet an organized source of anti-Gingrich activism in Alabama. However, Alabama citizens can encourage the Alabama Democratic Party to begin an anti-Gingrich campaign. In the meantime, look to the Alabama Progressive Directory for individuals and organizations opposing Gingrich policies.

An Alabama Anti-Gingrich Button

alabama against gingrich campaign button Featuring a grimmacing picture of Newt Gingrich under the universal sign of opposition - a red circle with a bar slashed across it - this campaign button is for Alabama against Gingrich. Wear it to a public meeting or political rally to spread the word that Gingrich is too far out in his extremist tactics to be trusted with the presidency.

An Alabama Against Gingrich Bumper Sticker

alabama against gingrich bumper stickerThere's also this Alabama Against Gingrich 2012 bumper sticker, with a clear graphic of opposition to the shrill, angry, intolerant Gingrich campaign. The people of Alabama know that the United States of America cannot be represented by a man with such an erratic temper and a history of ethical lapses.