An Angry Outcry from an All-American Anarchist

A Guest Commentary by Monk

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Is it wrong to have hope? Is it wrong to have hope contrary to what the majority hopes for? Is it wrong to want a non-violent, legal response to the mass murder that took place on September 11th, instead of a poorly thought out act of revenge? According to the popular opinion of today, the answer is yes. Guess I am wrong.

irregular actionI am an anarchist, though not in the traditional sense. I see the necessity of government to keep peace and build roads and be there to scare most sane people away from committing harmful acts on one another. I realize my beliefs are a pipe dream, pure and simple. But what is wrong with wanting a utopia? What is wrong with wanting beliefs of peace and tolerance to be professed instead of hate and retribution through violence? Granted, when the people have loved ones die there is a biblical and instinctual desire to see the perpetrator see the same or worse fate. But there is also an inherent necessity to overcome those feelings and let cooler logical thought processes prevail.

irregular book of the month Unfortunately, though, that is not the case. People are panicked and angry and seek to put a face on the acts committed so they can focus all their rage and fear at that. Justice has been a fairly common word lately, but not once from our politicians and other leaders have I heard it used properly. Justice is not waging a global and unfocused war against whoever we feel (right now it is Afghanistan and the al-Queda organization) then moving on to the next group or country the government feels is a threat. Justice is not acting like there is a war going on when no actual declaration of war has been made simply to seek revenge on whom the government says did this and attacking whomever they say is a terrorist. "Terrorist" has become a new buzzword; it is almost identical to the 1950ís when anyone who didnít fall in line was a ďDirty Commie Bastard.Ē How long are the people going to put up with this second tour of the 50ís? When the people are buying bomb shelters and gasmasks and preparing for nuclear fallout? Too late. Maybe when the government starts rounding up people who they think are terrorists? No, itís already happened. How about when new senses of McCarthyism takes hold of the public? No, thatís happened as well. Perhaps when the public starts to lose civil liberties? No, that has also occurred. There was no justice in the fifties and there has been no justice now. I canít wait for the blacklisting to begin.

keep your orange alerts to yourselfThis is a terrible time for the nation, not because of the bombings (which were bad enough) but because of our irrational, knee-jerk reactions to them. Now we are losing civil liberties in exchange for a false security and the ability to let the government carry out an unjust war. We had an opportunity to show the world what a benevolent great nation we were and instead we acted like animals. Individuals shooting at Mosques and beating up citizens of Arab descent, while the government essentially did the same thing on a larger scale.

So I leave you on this note: we lost an opportunity for logical, peaceful responses and made a bad situation worse. We lost civil liberties in an exchange for the illusion of security. We lost innocent lives. We lost.

- Monk

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