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IRREGULAR TIMESFor the sake of America,

for the safety of the world work to elect anyone but W. in 2004!

Don't expect politicians, even the good ones, to do your job for you. Politicians are like weather vanes. Our job is to make the wind blow. - David R. Brower

These are desperate times, folks. America is falling apart at and in between the seams. With Bush at the helm, America is wandering through a moralistic morass of high cost wars against vague evil and a devastated economy here at home.

This is no time to wait around for a perfect political candidate to satisfy our every desire. The choice is clear in the 2004 presidential election: George W. Bush, or somebody else -- almost anybody will do.

We remember the high days of the 1990s, when our budgets were in surplus, and our nation was at peace. We had high hopes for the future. The hope of the 1990s has been destroyed by the fear-fed ambitions of Bush and his team of all-too-eager-for-revolution advisors. America cannot afford another four years like the last!

Here they are, in reverse alphabetical order - like in gym class, the occasional reversal is only fair. Take your pick, and get involved NOW to make a difference!

If you're not interested in contributing right now to any particular campaign, but instead are inclined to work against Bush, consider working with one of these organizations.

After you've educated yourself, you may be ready to take the simple step of declaring your support by putting a bumpersticker on your car, or wherever else it is you bump.

You may note that Joseph Lieberman is not in this list of politicians seeking to campaign against George W. Bush for the presidency in 2004. The fact is, we just don't see that Joseph Lieberman is capable of campaigning against George W. Bush, given that he's been Bush's strongest Democratic supporter in Congress ever since Bush came to occupy the White House in 2001. The policies and principles of Lieberman and Bush are so close have caused some to speculate that they are one and the same. Well, that's obviously not true -- I mean, they have different haircuts! Don't wring your Connecticut Yankee hands, though, we'll have a profile of Lieberman up soon, along with all the rest.

Take a leap out of your tediously regular inaction! Get going, and make a difference!

If you have any suggestions for irregular actions that you believe we ought to post here on this page, email us an irregular retort and we'll take a look at your recommendation.

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