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A few years ago, a despondent Neale Donald Walsch sat himself down with a pad of paper and a pen, trying to understand the cause of his personal problems. He'd write down a question about his life, and then write an answer to it. This informal dialogue with himself gave a voice to his anxieties that he found reassuring, so he kept at it day after day.

irregular actionAfter awhile, Walsch started noticing that the answers to his questions made a lot of sense. Being depressed, he couldn't believe that he was capable of such wisdom, so he became convinced that his writings were the channeled voice of a spirit writer. Not content to channel an ordinary spirit as most psychic practitioners claim to do, he decided that his daily writings were nothing less than the word of God. Eager to share his discovery of God's word, he compiled his writings into several books, each of which has been extremely popular, earning him big wads of money.

I may not be very religious, but I'm no fool. I figured that if Walsch was able to do so well for himself just by scribbling some questions and answers down on a piece of paper, I might find some success by following in his footsteps. So, a few weeks ago, I sat down at my computer and began the following uncouth/unconventional/unconfirmed dialogue.

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