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What's an irregular book? While regular books hunt for consumers, sniffing out their attraction to common-sense solutions and easy answers. An irregular book performs the opposite, escaping cliche by challenging conventions in both style and content. Most importantly, they defy the regular assumption that reading is a dull duty. By provoking the mind to bend into new shapes, Irregular Books provide the kind of stimulation that roller-coaster romantics and predictable publishers miss.

Raven is Flying: Book, Bell and Bumpersticker.

The New Spin Zone: Bill O'Reilly's Brilliant Post-Modernist Book offers an ironic commentary on the corporate media

Lying Liars and the Lawyers Who Lie For Them:
On Al Franken, Fox News and free speech

Talking, Walking, and Waving Flags:
From To Kill a Mockingbird, wisdom on what to tell your child about war

One Thousand and One Reasons to Boot Bush book coverInspired by a combination of the foolery of George W. Bush and the persistence of Sheharazad of the 1,001 Arabian Nights, we spent many months collecting so many notes on the large and small disasters of the Bush Administration that we felt we had no choice but to place them together into a book. 1,001 Reasons to Boot Bush is the result of this effort, and serves as a testimonial of America's resistance to the abusive power of George W. Bush just as much as the 1,001 Arabian Nights serves as a testament to Sheharazad's courageous stand to change the heart of a murderous tyrant in her own time.

Read up, if you can, on the antics of Bush and Cheney from atop your own little Oval Office, in the Bush Bathroom Reader.

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