IRREGULAR TIMESAmerica's Shadow Army Goes From Bad to Worse:
Vast Military Corruption Amplified Under the Watch of George W. Bush

The bad news: According to a report by the inspector general at the Defense Department released in the year 2000, the Defense Department has completely lost track of one trillion and one hundred billion dollars of taxpayers' money. The even worse news: This number is only a rough estimate, because the Defense Department uses approximately 2,300 different accounting methods to keep track of its money, according to the United States General Accounting Office. The news gets worse: The Defense Department has continued to lost track of more money in the three years since the report was released. Worse, worse, news: Even though George W. Bush knows about the report, he has done nothing to recover the missing taxpayers' money or reform the accounting systems in the Defense Department. The worst news of all: Knowing that a substantial percentage of money in the Defense Department's budget is lost every year, George W. Bush decided to give the Defense Department the largest budget increase since World War II.

The 1,100,000,000,000 dollars at the Pentagon isn't just an economic problem. This missing money poses a direct threat to America's democracy. In our society money is power. All that missing money over at the Defense Department hasn't simply disappeared. It's been hidden, stolen, and spent in ways that the American people and their representatives in government did not approve of and probably will never know about. With all the money that George W. Bush is pouring into the Department of Defense these days, he's making sure that some people somewhere are getting very, very rich and very, very powerful. Who are these people? We don't know. Someone does.

This isn't just a big budget goof. It's corruption, on the largest scale humanity has ever witnessed. That one trillion, one hundred billion dollars has gone to certain people and certain corporations, and it's being used by those people and corporations to gain power in our society. These people and corporations are, in turn, supporting politicians, many of whom are in the Bush Administration, who are choosing to look the other way. George W. Bush has made the choice not just to let this corruption continue, but to expand its scope and scale by pumping more money into the channels of corruption in the Pentagon.

All this is happening as Bush tells us that the taxpayers of America have got to pay the Pentagon hundreds of billions dollars more! It's happening while Bush is enacting a huge giveaway of hundreds of billions of dollars to the richest of the rich Americans. The people who are paying for the rampant corruption within the Bush Administration are the little people of America, the working people. The fat cats of America are skimming all the cream off the top for themselves, and George W. Bush is letting them do it. Then, the fat cats make the maximum donation to the Bush re-election campaign, so that they can ensure that the dirty money will keep on flowing.

The good news is that we've got a chance to stop the corruption of the Bush Administration. We still have the power to vote. In 2004, we can use our votes to dump Bush and the culture of corruption that Bush has contributed so much to. The time to act is now, while we can still stop the flow of dirty money through Bush's budgets. With another four years of back room deals and secret bank accounts, our power to vote may be made irrelevant. In a system where only the corrupt have power, there can be no democracy.

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