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On Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design

Intellectually, the issue of biological evolution was settled long ago. The basic principles of biological evolution has been proven and applied. They are the bedrock of modern biology.

Ideologically, the matter of evolution is not at all settled. For generations, those whose ideologies are threatened by the idea of a truly natural world have attacked evolution, trying to drive the science of biology into hiding. They want to replace biology in public schools with a kind of religious perspective that last held power in medieval times.

We oppose the agenda of those who want to drag America back into the dark ages. We believe that our children deserve to know the truth about biological evolution. For that matter, our kids deserve to know the truth about Creationism and intelligent design theology too.

For that reason, we have written the following articles following the campaign of the Religious Right to squelch science and put its own version of religious orthodoxy into the public school classroom. We also offer a collection of bumper stickers, buttons, and magnets that help to spread the message that many Americans still value the insights of science, and are willing to defend the separation of science and theology.

We donate 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these bumper stickers and buttons to progressive causes.

Irregular Times Articles on Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

  • Resources to Celebrate Darwin Day

  • Early bird toes give Creationism a swift kick

  • Kansas professor finds out what can happen when someone stands up for evolution against religious zealotry

  • Happily, even George Will agrees that Intelligent Design is nonsense

  • Dover disaster watch, after divine warning from Pat Robertson

  • Creationism meets bird flu politics

  • Kansas replaces science with medievalism

  • We know more about Mars than about any intelligent designer of life on Earth - so where does that leave intelligent design pseudoscience?

  • Intelligent design proponents admit that Intelligent Design is Creationsm

  • Intelligent design and Justice Scalia's linguistic relativism

  • Million year frozen microbes and intelligent design

  • Experiments prove evolution works

  • Weird Q&A from Creationist Science

  • Intelligent design advocates collaborate with religious activists - in a decidedly unscientific manner

  • Another alternative to biological evolution: The Noodly Designer, with divine spaghetti intervention

  • Who was the intelligent designer of the intelligent designer? - and then, who intelligently designed that intelligent designer?

  • Consider the quality of the arguments from Creation Science

  • President Bush's priorities: Forget the troops, focus on fundamentalism

  • Kansas goes off the deep end with intelligent design curriculum

  • Wonder in science overshadows creationist myopia

  • Cartoon Creationism features a conspiracy of dinosaurs

  • Let the American Family Association know about intelligent design of polls

  • An invitation to Creationists

  • Where is that can of T Rex repellant when you need it?

  • Keeping evolution in perspective with the wholphin - so what?

  • Enough with intelligent design. How about stupid design?

  • Evolution - Creationism debate at Talk Origins

  • Link to Scientific American's great article about evolution

  • Will science fall into Creationism's black box?

  • Irregular Dogma: The Natural Selection of Religion

  • Darwin Was Right Bumper Sticker

    Darwin Was Right Bumper Sticker

    Teach Evolution Bumper Sticker

    Teach Evolution Bumper Sticker

    Intelligent Design a stupid idea button

    Intelligent Design a stupid idea button

    Teach Evoluton Magnet Rectangle

    Teach Evoluton Magnet Rectangle

    Junk Intelligent Design Bumper Sticker

    Junk Intelligent Design Bumper Sticker

    Keep Evolution In School Bumper Sticker

    Keep Evolution In School Sticker

    can I teach evolution in your church?

    so can I teach evolution in your church?

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