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irregular times logoCross At Bush Words: A Crosswords Puzzle for Irregular Times

Without a doubt, the policies of George W. Bush are profoundly puzzling. When we sat down one night to try to understand what Bush has done to America, we became so puzzled that the only apt description of Bush's mess we could come up with occurred to us in the form of a puzzle: not a crosswords puzzle, but a Cross At Bush Words Puzzle.

The cross words in this puzzle are taken straight from the highly irregular events of Bush's term in office. They represent a small sample of the great awfulness that has made America eager to vote for anyone but Bush in 2004.

We realize that it's pretty hard to keep track of all the perfidy going around the Bush White House these days, but fear not! Every question that we ask has its answers in the articles written for Irregular Times. Print this puzzle out for your Bush-leaning friends. By the time they're through, they may just change their minds.


1. warned White House about Niger
4. bore who got more
6. "man on dog" Senator
8. EPA term for putting sewage in drinking water
14. preceded Paul Bremer in occupation
15. animal detractors compare Bush to
17. agency ordered by Bush administration to conceal hazards in New York City
21. gov't agency with underfunded investigators
22. what is it good for?
23. battle scene obscured by curtain for Powell interviews
24. another gov't agency with underfunded investigators
26. Republican who said America would have been better off with Strom Thurmond as President
28. International organization bugged by the Bush's National Security Agency
29. amount of evidence that Saddam Hussein was reconstituting his nuclear program in recent years
30. prisoner of war in the Bush years, minus rights
34. columnist and co-author of Bushwhacked
36. Iraqi resource controlled by Halliburton in no-bid contract
37. one Bush business gone bust
38. ______ Islands, member of Bush's "coalition of the willing"


2. for sending 70 soldiers to Iraq, won one of 30 "coalition of the willing" spots
3. Bush lied, people ____
4. one Bush believes wanted him to be President

5. legal status of Bush decision to hold citizens without trial
7. jingoistic
9. Bush's hubris leads him between this and a hard place
10. family planning organization receiving federal funds must place this on an employee who wants to talk about abortion
11. who falsely stated the following: "no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery."
12. appelation Bush gives to $2,000.00- a-plate donors in his speeches at exclusive fundraisers
13. the "poodle" of Downing Street
16. aspect of Bush critics commonly called into quesion
18. inspector whose ability was called into question by Bush administration for not finding the weapons of mass destruction, and then ignored after the Bush administration couldn't find them on their own.
19. bay in Cuba where children are being indefinitely detained
20. gambling moral guardian of the right
23. in Bush's world, one of two possible conditions
25. natural resource used in facilities the Bush Administration allows to circumvent the Clean Air Act
27. Republican Congressman who referred to the Iraq war as "one of the most misguided assumptions in the history of United States strategic thinking"
30. Hopelessly corrupt energy company contributing disproportionate amounts of friendship and campaign contributions to George W. Bush. You're right, too many possibilities. What if we say "Kenny Boy?"
31. the sort of doers that make up Al Qaeda
32. United Nations bulwark for multilateralism
33. Bush administration operation for amateur domestic spies
35. government organization reporting record Bush deficits (abr.)

Shameless plug: if this Cross at Bush Words crossword puzzle got a rise out of you, you might enjoy The Bush Bathroom Reader, a book of short pieces and puzzles designed for the can from which this puzzle was excerpted. Or, if you've got a friend who likes this sort of thing, send 'em a Cross-at-Bush Words greeting card with a puzzle like this right on the front.

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