IRREGULAR TIMESGeorge W. Bush: Crusading Jedi Knight or Emperor of the Dark Side?

In the first Star Wars movie, after a showy light-saber duel with Darth Vader, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi deactivates his weapon and invites his foe to kill him, stating, "If you strike me down, I will only become stronger." Darth Vader, unable to restrain his wrath, goes ahead and kills Kenobi. Oops.

So, in our current war, who is Darth Vader and who is Obi-Wan Kenobi? The Bush Administration had the opportunity to be Obi-Wan, to become stronger by refusing to strike Iraq. In the end, however, Bush chose the role of Darth Vader, sending in his imperial stormtroopers to strike down a foe who had not provoked a fight.

Saddam Hussein has obligingly disappeared from his despotic throne, but even so, the Iraqi resistance to the American occupation of Iraq grows stronger and stronger. As the weeks go by and the bodies of dead Americans pile up, it becomes clear that it never occurred to Bush that American soldiers would encounter any resistance. Bush naively thought that he could just get rid of Saddam Hussein, and then everyone in Iraq would start dancing in the streets, thanking Bush for a heroic assassination.

The real results of Bush's wrath are much less dreamlike. Throughout the entire Clinton Administration, how many Americans were killed by Iraqi soldiers? None. Now, in just five months of George W. Bush's command, more than 265 Americans have been killed by Iraqis, and hundreds more have been injured.

George W. Bush has played into the hands of those Iraqis who hate America most by placing hundreds of thousands of Americans within their shooting range.

The evidence is now clear - before this March, Iraq could never have attacked the United States, even if it wanted to. It had almost no conventional military power and, by all appearances, absolutely no weapons of mass destruction, much less the vehicles necessary to transport such weapons over the European continent and the Atlantic Ocean.

Before March of 2003, there was no Iraqi threat to America. Now, there is. The more Bush's troops strike out at the Iraqi "enemies" that Bush seeks to subdue, the stronger the attacks against Americans become.

The worst part is that now it's too late for Bush to put down his sword and find a diplomatic solution to the problems he created through his overactive imagination. Bush has gone over to the Dark Side, and he's not smart enough to find his way back.

Smooth move, Darth Bush.

I am your father, George! Come on over to the Magniloquence Against War

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