The purpose of this page is simple and direct. Below you can review, from multiple sources, images of dead and injured Iraqi civilians. Men, women, children. Young. Old. Innocent.

These are just a small sample. As of April 5, 2003, from 876 to 1049 civilians (depending on the source) have been confirmed dead.

If you are an American who opposes the war, it may be important for you to remember why. Look long and hard: the rest of the world already has.

If you are an American who supports the war, it is important, crucial, essential for you to see these images. Take a good long look. Try to imagine their names. Where did they live? What were their dreams? What were their hopes?

Most centrally, if you support the war, can you still do so after seeing these images and thinking about what they represent? If you can manage to do so, you have my respect, if not my agreement.

If you support the war, but you cannot stand to look at these pictures, then wake up and pay attention to that feeling. Your eyes and your stomach are trying to tell you something: LISTEN.

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