IRREGULAR TIMESMore Doublespeak from Bush's War:
Protection from chemical weapons proves intention to use chemical weapons!

Today in the Bush Administration's desperate attempts to justify its brutal, unprovoked invasion of Iraq:

In an Iraqi hospital it attacked and seized yesterday, the American military found about 3,000 suits designed to protect against chemical weapons attacks. The Bush Administration says that the existence of these suits is evidence that the Iraqi military has plans for the massive use of chemical weapons against American soldiers.

Sounds pretty scary, huh? Well, President Bush is hoping that the news frightens Americans enough to maintain support for his war in spite of growing numbers of Americans killed and wounded, but what do the facts suggest?

Fact: As part of its plans to change everything in America, using the attacks of September 11, 2001 as an excuse, George W. Bush's Department of Homeland Security is encouraging American hospitals to stock chemical weapons protection suits like the ones found in Iraq. Not only that, but American police and firefighters are being encouraged by the Department of Homeland Security to get chemical weapons protection suits too. Many already have a good number of these suits already.

return to irregulartimes.comQuestion: If 3,000 chemical weapons protection suits in Iraq are "evidence" of Iraqi plans for massive chemical weapons attacks, then what are plans for chemical weapons protection suits in every hospital, police department and fire department in the United States evidence of?

Fact: Most of the quarter million American soldiers currently participating in the invasion of Iraq are carrying chemical weapons protection suits much like the ones found in the Iraqi hospital.

Question: If the 3,000 Iraqi chemical weapons protection suits are really "evidence" of Iraqi plans for the large-scale use of chemical weapons against American invaders, would the tens of thousands of chemical weapons protection suits carried by Americans invading Iraq be "evidence" of American military plans to carry out chemical weapons attacks on an even larger scale than those planned by Iraq?

Fact: The American military itself invented and perfected many of the chemical weapons Iraq is accused of having. The American military is also accused of heavy use of chemical weapons in past wars.

Question: Given the "evidence" of American deployment of chemical weapons protection suits and the long involvement of the American military in the development and use of chemical weapons, what reason do we have to believe that the American military is less likely to use chemical weapons than the Iraqi military?

The Bush Administration isn't answering questions like these, of course. It claims that the American military has no plans to use chemical weapons even though it has invented and perfected many different varieties, and has kept schematics for their rapid manufacture. It's all for the security of the Homeland, they say.

Of course, the way things are going these days, the Bush Administration will soon be claiming that our complaints of Irregular Times about the American military's long history with chemical weapons and its use of cheap propaganda tricks is really "evidence" that Irregular Times is a terrorist organization with plans to carry out a massive chemical weapons attack against the White House.

Yes, you'd better watch out. We here at Irregular Times trust you to figure out exactly who it is you need to watch out for these days. The "evidence" is out there, all right, way out there.

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