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irregular times logo draft bill moyers for president 2008The idea of a Bill Moyers for President campaign is coursing through the progressive netroots. Suggested by columnist Molly Ivins in mid July 2006, progressive Democrats have passed the word of a possible campaign by Bill Moyers, and excitement is building. With this Draft Bill Moyers for President in 2008 Activist Center, we'll try to give that excitement some focus.

Is the idea for Bill Moyers to win the presidency? Well, that's a long shot, to be sure. As Molly Ivins pointed out, a more realistic goal is to get Bill Moyers to expand the debate within the Democratic Party, so that a more sincerely progressive approach to politics can have a voice.

We're just getting started with this effort, so please have some patience as we build this center into a more full operation. As we work to assemble the bits of this center, here are some initial actions that you can take:

1: Write Bill Moyers

Molly Ivins gives the following address to send Bill Moyers your requests that he run for President of the United States: P.O. Box 309, Bernardsville, NJ, 07924.

2: Write a Letter to the Editor

Keep it simple. Just mention that people have mentioned the idea that Bill Moyers could run for President of the United States, and say that you think it would be a great idea. Cite Moyers's experience in the White House and as a journalist, as well as his support for responsible progressive politics.

3: Blog It

Have a blog? Write about the effort to draft Bill Moyers to run for President of the United States. Don't have a blog? Leave comments on others' blogs, especially those that discuss the 2008 presidential election.

4: Stay Informed

We've restarted the Draft Bill Moyers for President Blog and will put news there periodically in order to keep you informed. Check in and see what's going on, and the progress that is being made.

5: Spread the word with Moyers for President campaign gear

Putting a bumper sticker on your car or wearing a political campaign pin for Bill Moyers lets people know that you're serious in your support. You'll spread the word wherever you go.

6: A Petition - To Come

We'll be getting a petition up online soon. In the meantime, consider the points made in a previous petition.

In November 2005, James Brett began a movement to draft Bill Moyers for President of the United States. Two months later, that movement was abruptly and suddenly halted. However, Brett's petition, while closed to additional signatures, survives. It reads:


The following are ten reasons why you would be an excellent leader and next President of the United States of America. We urge you do consider running for President in 2008.

1. You have a genuine, civil, positive, hopeful courage of conviction that we the people can and will serve our own common good if we are properly informed and use the tools of our great democracy wisely. His passion for our country is rooted in a deep understanding, respect for, and unswerving adherence to the bedrock values and principles our Founding Fathers left us for us to preserve.

2. You have a profound vision about how the United States of America can be unified again by the fullest exercise of self-government by we the people around our basic commitments to simple, commonly accepted all-American values and policies such as equality of opportunity and caring for your neighbor and telling the truth.

3. Your are a fearless advocate. You are unafraid to say that many politicians are simply the shills of selfish, greedy corporate interests; that false prophets are heretics; and that powerful media and lobby groups are peddling corruption.

4. You espouse and uphold very high standards of professional ethics and personal integrity.

5. You bring significant hands-on White House experience to bear on his thinking about America's future.

6. Your lifetime of public service as an honest political journalist has earned you national esteem and the respect of millions of people.

7. You talk openly and comfortably about the role spiritual values play in his progressive outlook without abusing or disrespecting the line that is supposed to separate religious belief and political thought in America.

8. You are an exceptionally smart person. You have a truly impressive command of the facts underlying the fundamental connection that exists between progressive policies and electoral results. Further, you have demonstrated a unique ability to think ahead of the curve and craft and manage creative, state-of-the-art, successful enterprises, including ones that involve media planning.

9. You are a mesmerizing public speaker and a superb debater.

10. You have expressed the view that the perfection of our union will require new and perhaps unprecedented sacrifices by all of us. You would be a captain who bravely acknowledges the turbulent waters roiling all about and inspires us to do the right things needed to safely sail through them.

We, the undersigned, agree and urge you to give this petition your fullest attention and consideration.

It's not the kind of language I would use, but it's a start. Look for our own petition to come online in the next couple of days.

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