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Last night, I had a strange dream.

I dreamed that I looked out about a bleak landscape of a country in the very last days of its autumn, with cold winds stripping the trees bare and carrying dry, sharp flakes of snow. The land was almost colorless, tired from the struggles of the summer.

At my back, I heard a great sound. Turning to look, I saw a great tower, so high that it held the entire land within its shadow.

The tower was shaking, and I could feel the shaking in my own feet. The land itself was splitting in two, and as I watched, I saw the tower fall into nothing but a great cloud of hot smoke and ash.

From out of the ground beneath where the tower once stood, two dragons flew into the sky. One dragon was blue, a deep color like the morning just before dawn, and the other dragon was red, like old, thick blood.

The two dragons circled above me as a crowd of fleeing city dwellers ran past, off into the empty land. I could not move.

The blue dragon soared to the left, and the red dragon veered to the right, then both flew hard at one another, smashing together in the air, ripping at each other with their huge jaws and sharp claws. The dragons crashed to the ground, and their impact was as powerful as when the tower fell, so powerful that they opened up a new chasm in the ground, dividing the fleeing crowds in two.

The red dragon emerged from the chasm first, carrying the blue dragon in its claws, with the blue dragon's wings and tail wrapped around the red dragon as if they were one. The dragons went higher and higher into the sky until they could hardly be seen, and then, the blue dragon dropped.

Only just before it hit the ground did the blue dragon wake up and realize what was happening, trying to beat its torn wings to regain its balance, but it was too late. The last I could see of the blue dragon was its long, thin tail disappearing into the black depths of the chasm.

Now the red dragon descended from the heights of its victory, and spat fire upon the ground, burning people all around me. The survivors hid in the rubble of the tower and threw stones at the red dragon to try to defend themselves, but the dragon was too high, and only luck determined who was able to escape. The land around me was now pure red, a mix of blood and fire, covered with a stinking oily smoke.

I ran to escape the fire, and found as I reached the edge of the chasm that the great crack in the ground was now full up to the brim in a shimmering blue water. The flames reached me and I had no choice but to dive in, over my head.

The water was cool and silent, though looking through the water I could still see the red dragon shooting flames on top of the water. I could not surface, and though I tried to hold my breath, before long I could not help but gasp for life, and felt the cool water fill me up.

I sank down into the underwater chasm, falling the path of the fallen blue dragon. As my vision faded, I thought I heard voices from the water around me, voices speaking of ancient wizards, and a High King, and a mountaintop in Wales.

Then I finally drowned. Then I woke up.

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