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The Drone Wars Are Here

The idea of a war fought increasingly by robot drones isn't some kind of far out science fiction fantasy. It's a reality now.

At the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were no military robots. Now, as those wars have gone on for the better part of a decade, the United States military has a mechanical army of tens of thousands.

Even worse, these attack robots are beginning to be deployed right here in the United States, in the name of Homeland Security. The threat to our freedom and our humanity is tremendous. It's time to reconsider the rise of the drones.

Here at Irregular Times, we're doing just that - giving extra scrutiny to a set of congressional hearings that are shedding unprecedented light into the spread of violent robots throughout the military, and into the American civilian sphere as well.

  • Congressman John Tierney Speaks on Military Robot Drones

  • Peter W. Singer Testifies To Congress: The Robot Wars Are Coming

  • Drones Kill Kids Protest in Congress

  • The Lobbyists of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

  • Videos of Military Attack Dog Drones

  • Photo Evidence of Homeland Security Robot Planes

  • The Congressional Influence of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

  • Can The Spread of Killer Drones Be Controlled?

  • Killer Robot Arms Race Is Here

  • Obama Administration Defends Killer Robots

  • Snowe and Pingree Provide Funding For Killer Robots

  • Glenn Nye Meets Killer Robot Lobbyists

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