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The Anti-Environmental Hall of Shame:
Legislators Who Endanger Clean Air and Clean Water

In these times, when corporate executives seem to have seized control of Washington D.C., there's so much garbage going on that it's often very difficult to keep track of. Here at Irregular Times, we try to cut through the clutter, giving our readers a taste of the important details while assembling the pieces of information together into

In that spirit, we provide you with the Anti-Environmental Hall of Shame, based on information compiled by the League of Conservation Voters. The following legislators are members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives who have gone so far in attacking the environment that they have a zero percent record of voting to protect clean air, clean water, and the general safety of the environment in America and around the world.

These senators and congressional representatives are not just showing a little restraint, or casting the occasional anti-environmental vote. These legislators are anti-environmental radicals who have voted to attack clean air and water at every chance they've had over the last year. They are literally playing dirty politics, voting to give special loopholes to America's worst polluters, and endangering American lives in the process.

We call this a Hall of Shame because we are ashamed to see these radicals undermining the most basic standards of modern cleanliness that Americans have come to expect. The real shame is that most voters don't know how these dirty politicians are putting their lives at risk. We hope that this list helps to change that.

To find out more about what your members of Congress have been up to, check out our own progressive scorecards for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, exhaustively compiled from the voting records about which most of the politicians in Congress would prefer that you never find out.

The Anti-Environmental Hall of Shame:
The Dirtiest Politicians in America

United States Senators:

Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado
Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia
Senator Zell Miller of Georgia (retired)
Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa
Senator Craig of Idaho
Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho
Senator Brownback of Kansas
Senator Roberts of Kansas
Senator James Bunning of Kentucky
Senator McConnell of Kentucky
Senator Bond of Missouri
Senator Hagel of Nebraska
Senator Peter Domenici of New Mexico
Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
Senator Cornyn of Texas
Senator Robert Bennett of Utah
Senator Allen of Virgina
Senator Enzi of Wyoming
Senator Thomas of Wyoming

United States House of Representatives

Representative Don Young of Alaska
Representative Aderholt of Alabama
Representative Doolittle of California
Representative Dreier of California
Representative McKeon of California
Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia
Representative Nussle of Iowa
Representative Manzullo of Illinois
Representative Ryun of Kansas
Representative Tiahrt of Kansas
Representative Rogers, H. of Kentucky
Representative Tauzin of Louisiana
Representative Vitter of Louisiana
Representative Blunt of Missouri
Representative Emerson of Missouri
Representative Pickering of Mississippi
Representative Rehberg of Montana
Representative Coble of North Carolina
Representative Taylor, C. of North Carolina
Representative Hobson of Ohio
Representative Regula of Ohio
Representative Turner, M. of Ohio
Representative Earnest Istook of Oklahoma
Representative Hart of Pennsylvania
Representative Murphy of Pennsylvania
Representative Toomey of Pennsylvania
Representative Wilson, J. of South Carolina
Representative Blackburn of Tennessee
Representative Barton of Texas
Representative Bonilla of Texas
Representative Tom DeLay of Texas
Representative Johnson, S. of Texas
Representative Sessions, P. of Texas
Representative Smith, L. of Texas
Representative Cantor of Virginia
Representative Hastings, D. of Washington

Now, if you've had it with the shameful environmental records of these pro-pollution powerful politicians, then do something about it! Visit our Green Green Lima Bean Action Center, and get yourself a pro-environment button to show that you will not be intimidated by the big money of the pro-pollution lobby.

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