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My Foreign Policy Idea:

A Poem by Billy

If I were the President
I would not pay any rent
Because the budget is all spent
On warheads that make a dent
You know they cost a lot of cents

If I were a man named Rummy
My legs would go all gummy
From doing stuff that's scummy
Like blowing up a baby's tummy
Now that's not yummy

If I hit my kid sister
And gave her a big old blister
Just because she'd made a fister
My mom's head would spin like a twister
Even if I lied and said I missed her

If little kids get detention
Or maybe in-school suspension
For even a mention
Of saying bad things about Frenchmen
Or kicking some little munchkin

Then how come it's supposed to be smart
When adults draw up a big chart
Saying how they will take their part
In blowing out people's heart
In a war that is about to start

If my name were Colin
I would change my name
Real fast

The end.

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