Political Gifts
- a wish list for liberals

irregular times logoYour challenge: You care for a political junkie, a lovely person who wants what's best for the world, but can seem awfully serious at times. Also, the political junkie is known for being opinionated. So, when it comes time to buy a gift for this person, you're worried that your choice might not meet these high standards.

Let us help. We here at Irregular Times have a special understanding for political junkies, because we're big fans of the political process ourselves. We've assembled the following list of political gifts for liberals that are likely to please even the most picky activist.

vote republican because it's never too late to bring back the Dark AgesA little fun sarcasm is just the ticket for people who are enthusiastic about politics. This tshirt is designed to satisfy that need with a sideways jab at Republicans who are always trying to restore the most sadistic, archaic codes of conduct.

The shirt reads, Vote Republican Because It's Never Too Late To Bring Back The Dark Ages, and features a medieval skeleton figure of death, rearing its head back in stark agony. It's a message that resonates with liberals who pay attention to the terrifying agenda proposed by Republican candidates for high public office.

It's also made by American Apparel, right here in the United States, unlike most tshirts sold these days. That's going to earn you a good deal of respect with your liberal of choice.


That's My Congress is a strategic card game that's kind of like Pokemon or Magic in that it contains cards with certain abilities that are played off against other cards in a struggle for power. The big difference with this particular card game is that it focuses on the real world, not some fantasy cartoon world of dragons and goblins.

that's my congress card gameIn That's My Congress, players assemble hands of cards consisting of actual members of the U.S. House of Representatives, then use those cards to compete in the effort to pass legislation and gain re-election. You can try to win with an assertive agenda, or by laying low and playing dirty tricks cards against your opponent. Which approach will work best?

The That's My Congress card game isn't made in some nasty overseas sweatshop factory. It's made and assembled in Wisconsin, with parts that are all made in the U.S.A. Giving this game as a gift is a way to help boost the U.S. economy, along with political awareness.

Buying this political card game for your liberal friend will demonstrate that you can have fun but aspire to social responsibility at the same time.


Another tricky thing about liberal friends is that they don't tend to appreciate gifts that glorify violence. That puts a lot of movies and books out of the running, but still you might want to show that you recognize that your liberal loved one is a person of strength. What can represent that kind of strength without violence?

porcupine of peace buttonThe Porcupine of Peace can.

This button, showing the porcupine of peace, illustrates the underlying strength of nonviolence. The porcupine, after all, is not a violent animal. It doesn't rush at other animals and try to bite them, scratch them, or prick them with its quills. The porcupine merely minds its own business. Even when a porcupine's quills end up in the skin of another animal, it isn't because the porcupine put them there. It was the animal who attacked the porcupine that impaled itself on the spines.

Wearing the Porcupine of Peace button, your liberal friend can share a groovy message of strength through peace.


environmentalists do it sustainablyPerhaps you want to choose a gift that's more approachable than a porcupine, and more... suggestive. If that's the case, get the liberal you love this bumper sticker: Environmentalists Do It Sustainably.

In our planet's biosphere and in bed, the best kind of power, after all, is the power to keep it going.

Hubba hubba.


peace coffee mugFor an object that someone's going to actually use, nothing beats a coffee mug as a gift. A coffee mug that bears a special image or message is even better, because it always reminds the person drinking out of it that the person who gave the mug both cares and understands.

That benefit is doubled with this world peace coffee mug, bearing an image of planet Earth. After all, peace is both a geopolitical ideal for the planet and the feeling a person has when wrapping their hands around a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning. Wouldn't you like to give a taste of both to your liberal amigo or amiga every morning?

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