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Name: Anonymous
Date: 10/7/01 7:40 pm
Comment: My gut wants to say that you people are the biggest bunch of dumbfucks I've ever encountered. But I know that that isn't true. You all hate this country and want to do anything possible to weaken it. This has been a real banner month for you people, and I hope you're proud of yourselves. The reason we've attacked by terrorism is directly related to the fact that they believe we're too afraid to respond. Enjoy it while it lasts, because I guarantee that it won't, you fucking treasonous pieces of shit.

[Note: this one actually came from the War Resisters League guestbook. But it was such a goodie we couldn't pass it up.]

Name: Dee Markgraf
Date: 9/30/01 1:10 am
Comment: Somewhere in the world, it's 10 O'Clock. Do you know where your pet marmoset is? Yes, it crawled up your ass. Suggest you rename your website to the Diarhea Times. You guys are hardly irregular in your blather...it is a consistent flux of drivel and snivel.
Name:"Tom M"
Date: 9/29/01 6:30 pm
Comment: Oh, By the way, you got bashed in the papers today for your stupid Anti-American protests. Looks like you shot yourselves in the head. To bad it wasn't literally.
Name: Michael McClaren
Date: 9/29/01 8:28 am
Comment: You socialists are just a bunch of wierdos that have no place in our country. Haven't you read history? You have to pledge allegience to the flag, and God to which it stands! Your always blaming America first for everything that happens - a bunch of blame-America-firsters. I hate you. God bless America! In God We Trust!
Name: "Richard"
Date:9/27/01 6:06 pm
Comment: My, my, it seems only you and Hanoi Jane and looney Phil Donahue have a bug up your ass about our nation and our elected President.... We'll contact some churches down there in Memphis to PRAY for you to see some common sense sometime soon.

The American pacifists wish the Americans to not fight. If the Americans do not fight, the terrorists will attack America again. And now we know such attacks can kill many thousands of Americans. The American pacifists, therefore, are on the side of future mass murders of Americans. They are objectively pro-terrorist. No? YES! The only way, yes only way to stop fanatical religious zealots is with the same force they use. They know no other way. To be still and passive now is to invite further death on our people. [This bit is plagiarized almost word for word from an Op-Ed piece by Michael Kelly in the Washington Post]

Name: "Tom M"
Date: 9/24/01 8:01 pm
Comment: "Thanks for the dates and times. We will be there...to counter you, head to head you spinless cowards.

You just dislike conservatives because they have a backbone and a conscious on a level hirer than you. How do I know? I read your work. Hate is your best side. And we have a something we are willing to die for. Do you? Think. Duty, Honor, God and Country means nothing to you, huh? Of course not. And you said conservatives are hateful."

Name: "Richard"
Date: 9/23/01 5:56 pm
Comment: "With the exception of ONE socialist traitor, Barbara Lee from Berkeley (where else?), you have no voice in government. Every single representative is on board with these actions and our war effort. You have no representation. NOT ONE.

Here’s a news flash. You and your lost friends stand-alone. With the exception of socialist shit-holes like Berkeley, and leftwing socialist campuses like Cambridge and UCLA, you have no safe place to protest. Try moving out of your socialist bunkerand move out to mainstream America. Protest there and burn your flags. See how far you get. And make sure you get a lot of protection from the crowds too. You’ll need them."

Name: Tim Horton
Date: 9/23/01 11:00 am
Comment: "This site and all those who contribute to it are an embarassment to themselves and all Americans. George W. Bush is our President. Live with it! At this sensitive time in our history, we should all stand behind our leaders."
Name: "Richard"
Date: 9/21/01 11:30 am
Comment: "Well, well, I stumbled upon this site this morning by chance. And what a site it is. I admire the energy it took to post such dribble. You must have been so pissed when Gore conceeded. But, alas, the events of Tueday must have really thrown a wrench in the works for you. A galvanized nation behind the King? How dare they support an illegitamte Ruler? Easy...they recognized him for the leader he his...

One More thing, in a 30 minute address to a united country, last night, he nulified your site and all its content. You are out of a job, buddy. You and those losers in Berkley can go back to reading their copies of Lenin and wait for your next crackat putting a socialist in the whitehouse."

Name: "Yu Bloe"
Date: 9/20/01 4:36 pm
Comment: "We can't wait until your site is restricted and then we'll load your IIS server with a NIMDA II virus and sing songs about your demise."
Name: "Gore"
Date: 9/19/01 6:06 pm
Comment: "After we beat the rag heads Bush will be in for another 4. You Sore Looser...Sore Looserman"
Name: "MEM"
Date: 9/18/01 1:56 am
Comment: "You feel kinda of damned STUPID right now don't you???? You have too. You poor idiots! What fuck-ups!"
Name: Angela Lynne Farritor
Date: 9/17/01 9:55 am
Comment: " Our President immediately halted air travel and did everything he immediately could to protect all of us, even whining snivvling people like you who have nothing better to do than gripe about other people instead of cleaning up your own act. Whether you believe it or not, there is a God, and one day you will die as all of us will, and one day you will stand before him and one of two things will happen to you in that very moment. He will either take you in His arms and say "Welcome my good and faithful servant", or He will turn his back and say "I do not know you". As the Bible says "He that acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father in Heaven, He who does not acknowledge me before men, I will not acknowledge before my Father in Heaven". The ironic thing about you is this: On the day of your final Judgement when God turns his back on you, you will wish that you had been like George W. Bush and acknowledged the Father. For this I truly pity you.

P.S. your comments about abortion, why don't you come on over to our Church, and we will perform a new procedure on you, it can be one of several, you can even choose: We can bathe you in a saline solution, or we could insert a needle into the back of your skull and suck out your brains (this would be difficult to do to you since it appears that it has already been done), then my very favorite we could hook each of your 4 limbs to four different vehicles and your head to another and we could all drive in different directions. Isn't this what you do to innocent babies every day. And last but not least, we could nail you to a cross, I can guarantee you that that would be an easier punishment than an eternity in hell."

Name: "Ricardius"
Date: 9/12/01 12:21 am
Comment: "As thousands died today, I come across your web site and have to say, I am happy that BUSH and his team is charge, than that liar Gore and his eco-losers. Today, you prove that there is more of a God than ever. I hope it totally twisted you whenthe President, Congress and all wished prayers, publically, to God himself, to help the victims. Remember, many good men lay dead so you can spew your socialism."

Warms the heart, doesn't it?

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