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Parambulating the Path of Petulant Publishing

Irregular Times is one of the few web sites that was a site years before there was a web upon which to be sited. Our irregular history begins way back in 1987 with the publication of The Student Voice. Written for an habitually captive audience of North Rose-Wolcott High School students, The Student Voice served as an alternative student paper even before an official student paper existed. Sometimes we railed against the little injustices of local high school life and sometimes we were just silly, but we were always committed to the path of irregularity.

As we left NRW High and sent our little old selves off to college, we found more and more people of like minds and the pen of irregularity fell silent. When surrounded by others of irregular ilk, the irregular becomes regular and loses its appeal. After hearing story after story from classmates about how they were different, we became downright indifferent to our own indifference. Besides, we had a lot of papers to write.

All apathy must end, however, and after we graduated our apathy came to a wailing halt (we find that with a little WD-40, most screeching halts can be avoided). Out of the creative isolation of the post-collegiate world, Irregular Jonathan Speaks was born. One of the first ezines to be created, Irregular Jonathan Speaks can still be found prowling about on the web, generally up to no good. Over time, as more people flowed in, out, around and through the effort, Irregular Jonathan Speaks became Irregular Times in recognition of a more collective effort.

Out of irregularity comes diffusion, and out of diffusion comes the compulsion to refuse. Irregular Times is a synthesis between this compulsion to counter complicity and the diffusion of irregularity, redefining Dot Com as a hybrid of commercial, community and communication, but never the common. Dot Communication transcends cycles in the economy, valleys of silicon and the ephemeral fashions of the professional media . We communicate first, and hope that the rest will follow.

Old World pundits say that the frontier days of free expression are over, but we who embrace the Irregular Times forsee frontiers without end. The true frontier is not in e-brand positioning or dot com name dropping. The frontier of the internet is the frontier of the mind. The frontier is irregularity. Long live the irregular frontier!

Saying nothing is just a way of saying you have nothing to say! Make your own history -- Talk back to Irregular Times.
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