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Attention: This is the Department of Homeland Insecurity, not the Department of Homeland Security. If you're looking for the Department of Homeland Security, then get on all fours and crawl toward your bedroom window blinds. Peek outside. See the guy trying to hide behind the telephone pole, taking notes as he watches your home and the homes of your neighbors? That's the Department of Homeland Security.

You might say that the Department of Homeland Insecurity, created here by Irregular Times, is a kind of shadow government. Like the Department of Homeland Security, we at the Department of Homeland Insecurity are always watching. However, instead of watching the private lives of American citizens, as the Homeland Security people do, we watch the government. We watch the watchers, you might say, taking note of the secretive attacks against American liberty perpetrated in the name of homeland security.

You see, unlike much of the rest of America, we refuse to become citizens of the Homeland. Honestly, we don't even know where this Homeland everyone keeps talking about really is. We still live in the United States of America, where the Constitution, not the manipulation of fear, is the highest source of law and order.

We've been watching the creeping activities of Homeland Security ever since that wretched department was created, and we'll keep watching until it is abolished and true liberty returns as the law of the land.

Videos of Homeland Insecurity

Take the Pledge of Liberty

pledge of liberty movie quicktime

Claymation Foreigner Abducted by Homeland Security

homeland security claymation military commissions act

Hell on Earth:
George W. Bush and the Military Commissions Act

george w. bush in hell military commissions act

Why America Must Torture

hr 6166 syracuse hancock international airport homeland security torture

At Congress On The Day
the Military Commissions Act Was Passed

6166 torture bill 2006 capitol building congress

First They Came For The Foreigners

hr 6166 2006 habeas corpus foreigners movie video

Why Is America Under an Orange Alert?

code orange alert airport movie

Osama Bin Laden In Acupulco

osama bin laden acupulco beach

Coverup of Investigation Into Illegal Spying

bush cover up wiretapping movie

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