irregular growth titleGardening - when one hears the word one thinks of old people: retired couples with nothing to do, aged devotees of Martha Stewart, or rich, matriarchal wives jealously guarding access to their garden and gossip clubs. Like so many other traditional domestic activities, gardening often feels like a relic, a holdover from a past of little relevance to the electronic, simulated, placeless world of today.

The gardens that we see on television and read about in newspapers and magazines reflect the ludicrous mismatch between the literal earthiness of gardening and the desires for perfection that have emerged as a part of our virtual culture. These gardens might as well be experienced on a computer monitor. They are completely managed, with no surprises. They are without depth, texture, and odor, separated from the environment around them. They are to nature what the Epcot Center is to culture.

IRREGULAR TIMESIrregular Growth rejects the idea of gardens as museums. In a world in which consumerism is equated with virtue, gardening has the potential to become a subversive art. These pages are centered around the effort to realize that potential, reacquainting people with their humanity through a symbolic immersion in the natural world.

Come grow with us.

  • Our Red Mountains

  • Treating Nature Like Garbage - on a curb, a bag and our impoverished future

  • Blown beds - considering a garden without weeds

  • irregular guyOf Deer Fences and Deference

  • Environmentalist T-Shirts, where made domestically means made responsibly

  • Considering Republicans, Strawberries and Chemical Weapons

  • The Biting Season

  • The First Vulture of Spring: Rejuvenating necrophagia

  • Well, we tried: The Zucchini for Democracy Project:
    Inch by inch, row by row...

  • Gathering Moss: A Natural History of Two Minds

  • Winter Condemns the Industrious Gardener
    Shame falls with the snow

  • The Irregular Cultivation of Sunflowers

  • The Murderous Garden
    When a victory garden requires a slaughter

  • Butterfly Kits: Toying With Life

  • Unmitigated Gall
    Oaks show the way to peaceful coexistence

  • Dig in and protect the gardening environment by becoming an Official Green Green Lima Bean

  • Grandview Kills Community Garden
    Rich Folks Have Rights Too!

  • Antiseptic Skeptics
    for a sick society, grow your own cure

  • Letting the Wheel Turn:
    Death in the Garden

  • The Irregular Green

  • A Potato Economy
    Our savings are starchy tubers

  • Is Back To Nature Farming Only For Men?
    Put gender essentialism out to pasture

  • Growing into the latest gardening fad: In the glare of garden lights

  • Plowing the Targeted Garden

  • First Mow - in the irregular shadow of the turf

  • Tickseed's Illusion of Ease in the garden

  • Irregular Verse: Red Twigs

  • When Willows Won't Grow

  • On Sedum: Little thoughts around the edges

  • Capitalizing on spring in the garden - hardening off the mind from hibernation as the snowpack recedes...

  • Irregular Growth Garden Journal
    A lumpish oaf in the land of gentility

  • Elegy for Neglected Zucchini
    An executive meeting goes to seed

  • Killing Spring

  • Confessions of a Tree Hugger

  • The Goods of Irregular Growth
    Good stuff for Gardeners who are ready to speak their minds

  • To Pull or Not to Pull?
    The Pervasive Problem of Privet

  • Fallen Trees

  • Bringing Walden Home
    A Commitment to Liveable Cities

  • Landscaping with Twigs
    In which nothing comes between a man, a plant, and a hatchet job.

  • The latest short-form pieces from Irregular Times that move out from our individual gardens to consider our Green world:

    Gardeners Against McCain

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