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IRREGULAR TIMESFor the sake of America,

for the safety of the world it's time to get back to work!

These are desperate times, folks. America is falling apart at and in between the seams. With Bush at the helm, America is wandering through a moralistic morass of high cost wars against evil, an environment gone wild around the world and an attack on American freedom here at home.

It seems that the Bush White House will stop at nothing to scare the American people into giving him all the power he can get. If he can't scare the Americans about John Kerry, he'll scare them into thinking a terrorist is around every corner. With the confirmation of Alberto "Mr. Torture" Gonzales as Attorney General, George W. Bush has proved that he's planning to take the country on an even more radical turn into the arms of the extremist right wing.

The Bush agenda can now be described as nothing short of militant nationalism. Power for the American nation, and for himself as its divinely-inspired ruler at its head, seems to be the only guiding principle that motivates George W. Bush. As we slip further and further into a totalitarian police state where our citizens are constantly watched by Homeland Security and our own President regards himself as above the law, the shadows of fascism are becoming ever more clear among the mobs of flag-waving Republican guards.

We remember the high days of the 1990s, when our budgets were in surplus, and our nation was at peace. We had high hopes for the future. The hope of the 1990s has been destroyed by the fear-fed ambitions of Bush and his team of all-too-eager-for-revolution advisors. America cannot afford to allow Bush to give the world another four years like that.

This is no time to sit down and mourn our losses. It's worth remembering that if the liberal 48 percent of America had had convinced just one to two more percent of Americans in 2004, George W. Bush would be history. Bush does not have a mandate. He has a fight on his hands, and we are determined not to give up the fight until the last ounce of energy has left our bodies.

Don't expect politicians, even the good ones, to do your job for you. Politicians are like weather vanes. Our job is to make the wind blow. - David R. Brower

We can't expect the Democratic Party to do the necessary work to promote the progressive cause. Given their history of tin ears and eagerness to roll over in submission to George W. Bush, we shouldn't trust them to do it. As David Brower points out, we have to do the actual work to make sure that America turns back to the right course. So what can you do?

1:Visit the web sites of liberal organizations and find out what activities they're engaged in. Check out our updated articles on liberal action groups to keep connected with up to date information and activism opportunities.

Action #2: Find out who your representatives in the United States House of Representatives are. Then, check out our progressive congressional scorecard to see how well your representative has served the interests of the American people. If your representative is a Republican or conservative Democrat, contact your local Democratic Party or Green Party to see if there are yet any potential candidates to take on the incumbent. Get involved now in the effort to take back the Congress from the Republican nationalists! Even if you don't have a candidate to support, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper denouncing the policies of your Republican incumbent.

Action #3: Start thinking now about who you would like to run for President in 2008. Don't wait for the conservative Democratic leadership to put their own candidates forward - be proactive and help encourage a good, strong progressive voice to run for the Democratic Party nomination. We have assembled a list of four members of Congress who have a very strong progressive records, as well as the Electoral College geographical base that it would take to win the White House back in 2008! If you like one of them, get in touch and tell your choice that you want him or her to run! You can also take a look at our progressive scorecards of United States Senators to judge for yourself which of these prominent politicians would best represent your ideals in the White House. Don't wait until someone else has told you that the campaign has begun. Start it now and put the heat on the Republican elites who think they own Washington D.C.!

If you have any suggestions for irregular actions that you believe we ought to post here on this page, email us a submission and we'll take a look at your ideas.

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