Irregular Politics

irregular times logoSome people narrowly interpret politics as whatever is related to the election of public officials. They say it has to do with power plays in the government.

That's all part of politics, to be sure, but there's much more to politics as we see it. We cannot forget that, in our democracy, the government is representative of the people as a whole. That doesn't just mean that we elect representatives to government positions. It means that the structure of the government reflects the identity of the American people as a whole.

If the government is uncaring, it's because we citizens are apathetic. If the government is corrupt, it is because we citizens are willing to be corrupted ourselves.

Irregular Politics is based upon the idea that good citizens in a democracy don't just vote in an election. They form the character of the government through the action or inaction they elect to take every day.

Get involved. Get active. These days, that's a radically irregular thing to do.

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