Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers: A Progressive Collection from Irregular Times

When I design a bumper sticker, the child's taunt comes back to me, "Whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks on you." Then I ask myself, hey, what's wrong with that?

Bumper stickers are made precisely for sticking our ideas on ourselves, so that others can see them. Why the heck would I want what I believe to just go out once from my mouth, with a little puff of air, to disappear forever into the ear of the listener? No, as for me, I want what I say to have a little more effect than that.

If you're like me in that respect, the bumper stickers you see below will be just right for you. Oh, but there is this other little thing: We design bumper stickers around progressive issues, political and cultural. If you're looking for a bumper sticker that promotes replacing public schools with corporate factories with child laborers to raise funds for creation scientists, look elsewhere. Otherwise, stick away and enjoy!

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SPECIAL NOTICE: We're going on vacation until the middle of August, and since the labor going into making bumper stickers is especially high, we're only going to make these for you if you REALLY want them. That's why we've temporarily raised prices on the bumper stickers below. If you want to buy at these prices, we'll make the stickers for you. But if you're willing to wait until August 15, the prices on stickers will go back down.

Don't worry, our prices on everything else (including the already-printed bulk bumper stickers) stays the same, and we're going to keep shipping out during our time at the beach. Surf's up!

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Red Slash Through W 2 inch Square Sticker -- $10.00

Culpability is the Mother of Deception (3 by 3 inches) -- $10

America's No-Carb Diet Bumper Sticker (8 by 3.5 inches) -- $10

Dump Bush Bumper Sticker (8 by 3.5 inches) -- $10

Re-Defeat Bush in 2004 Bumper Sticker (12 by 3 inches) -- $10

Dump Bush 2004 Diamond Bumper Sticker (2.5 by 2.5 inches) -- $10

John Kerry 2004 Diamond Bumper Sticker (2.5 by 2.5 inches) -- $10

Larger - Slash W Three Inch Square Bulk Sticker -- $10

Eight Stickers - Red Slash Through W 1 inch Square -- $10

Dump Bush 2004 Blue Sticker (5.5 by 4.25 inches)-- $10

Dump Bush Dark Blue Bumper Sticker (12 by 3 inches) -- $10

Vote Bush Off the Island Bumper Sticker (12 by 3 inches) -- $10

Regime Change 2004 Bumper Sticker (12 by 3 inches) -- $10

We're All Wearing the Blue Dress Now (11 by 2 inches) -- $10

Show Bush the Door in 2004 bumper sticker (11 by 1 5/8 inches) -- $10

Bush Lied, People Died Bumper Sticker (11 by 2 inches) -- $10

Re-Defeat Bush in 2004 (1 by 11 inches) -- $10

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