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Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, but that is also true of every trip down to the corner and back. Not everything that is important is big, complicated or long. Not every production must be uncommon. The short of it is here, on as close to a regular basis as you'll find coming from our motley crew.

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splintered speech
When free speech goes too far, we celebrate. When it rains, the medium is our mud pie. Liberty of thought and expression is a rocky business, and we dash ourselves upon it.

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Wandering Aimlessly
News from Sydeville, New York

Recent articles:

False Witness: Myths, Scams, Slip-ups and Lies in American Religion
When it comes to American Religion, you're on your own two feet, which means you've got to stay on your toes. We'll give you the skinny when they're laying it on thick.

Recent articles:

The Irregular Bin: Not Everything Fits.  Inspected by 12.
Here lie our remnants, the remains of the day.
Not everything fits.
The Department of Credulity Studies: Trust No One!
The articles contained herein are required reading, mandated by the new USA Patriot Act II passed by the House and Senate in a classified secret session. Why haven't the mainstream media covered this important story? What do they have to hide?

Recent articles:

Further than Atheism: moving from mere rejection to our own solid ground.
Atheism is a beginning, not an end in itself. This column is an attempt to explore the territory that lies beyond the rejection of gods that all atheists share.

Recent articles:

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