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Our archive of irregular pictures: View January's irregular pictures for an irregular view on Enron, pretzels and drunken driving.

Take a gander at February's irregular pictures for George W.'s plan to restore honor to the White House, as well as a fireside chat with the leader of the war against evil himself.

You can also check out March's irregular pictures to catch White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's explanation of how Dick Cheney was too busy meeting big oil lobbyists to bother to talk with experts on environmental issues and to view the Catholic Church's new plan for abstinence education!

Then, there's the latest irregular picture, a patriotic appeal from George W. Bush himself to help him in his struggle against evil nations with weapons of mass destruction.

Then, follow your eyes as they flit over more irregular pictures found at the Follies of War

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Irregular pictures of the month:

middle east Bush Doctrine explained

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