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IRREGULAR TIMESYou can also check out March's irregular pictures to catch White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's explanation of how Dick Cheney was too busy meeting big oil lobbyists to bother to talk with experts on environmental issues and to view the Catholic Church's new plan for abstinence education!

Then, there's always the very irregular picture of Bush as he tries to explain his plan for peace in the Middle East.

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This month's irregular picture:

american weapons of mass destruction and nukesWeapons of mass destruction: America invented them. America used them, the only nation ever to drop atomic bombs as weapons, killing 200,000 civilians in the largest act of violence ever known. America keeps them, holding more weapons of mass destruction than all other nations put together. In the 1980s, America sent Iraq the ingredients to make them, and now America is going to war against Iraq because Iraq is suspected of still trying to make them.

When it comes to weapons of mass destruction, we here at Irregular Times suggest that the Unites States of America take the log jam out of its own eye before it tries to blast the splinter out of the eye of Iraq. America introduced the world to weapons of mass destruction in the name of noble wars against evil enemies. Now we are fighting new wars against evil itself. What terrible new weapons will come out of the wars against terror?

George W. Bush incites us to new levels of fear with his Orange Alerts and his alarmist concoctions of pseudo-evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, even while he submits a budget that requests money from American taxpayers for new kinds of nuclear weapons to add to the massive American nuclear arsenal. George W. Bush is counting on you to look the other way, and ignore the weapons of mass destruction he holds at his command.

Can George W. Bush count on you?

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