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Our Irregular Staff

You might have guessed it already, but let us state it for the record:Irregular Times is not like most other publications. We're unabashedly irregular, and that means that we have an irregular staff. No one works with Irregular Times full time, because let's face it: full time is the epitome of regular time. In fact, Irregular Times has the odd anonymous contributor who writes just one or two pieces for us and then goes away. Some of our readers also contribute pieces of their own. However, the folks below form the core the contributors to Irregular Times, so much so that we consider them to be our irregular staff.

Albert SmithAlbert G. Smith is the Editor-in-Chief for Irregular Times, which basically means that he's been working on assembling and maintaining Irregular Times for a couple years longer than our Assistant Editor, Josephine (see below). Albert has degrees in political science and sociology, and sells out as a polling consultant, re-analyzing, interpreting and critiquing for rock-bottom prices the results from polls that other consultants are paid to put together. Always a deconstructionist. You'll find our man Al's contributions throughout the site, but he's concentrated on his off-green thumb in the Irregular Growth section.

Josephine CookAs our Assistant Editor, Josephine Cook backs up and compensates for the work of Mr. Smith. When she's not observing The Ribald Reign of King George the Second, she makes a living as an artist down in Memphis, Tennessee. Her medium is cast cement, starting out as goopy liquid but then set as hard as stone... how irregular. You'll also find Jo's experiences as a former school teacher pop out here and there on Irregular Times.

Theodiclus LockTheodiclus Lock (born Theodore Claus Locke) -- Senior writer

Theo, as he calls himself most days, earnestly attempts to avoid "senior moments" as senior writer. Yes, "senior" means old. He has worked in a number of spheres: business, private non-profit and public, and currently teaches at the undergraduate level when he is not smoking at the ears.

Mother DavisKatherine "Mother" Davis -- Contributing writer

J. Clifford CookJ. Clifford Cook -- Contributing writer

J. Clifford Cook started as a contributing writer for Irregular Times back in 1997, three years after the groundbreaking online journal was started. Since that time, he has moved one thousand miles, become a real estate consulting sensation, and taken on the task of organizing Irregular Goods.

Living on a dairy in northern Otsego County, he pushes through historic snows, cleans up after ice and loves the feeling of cool dew between his toes as he surveys his garden as the sun comes up.

Lars Svalbard

Lars is a recent addition to our Irregular Staff, providing a much needed West Coast perspective on irregularity. Living a couple hours to the south of San Francisco, Lars spends his time researching ancient texts and exploring the meaning of life with the children of wealthy beneficiaries of Bush's donor rewards policies.

Descriptions of more of our irregular staff soon to come...

Log in to life and loosen your lips! Make your own contribution -- talk back to Irregular Times and give us your Irregular Retorts!