John Kerry Window Decals: brought to you by Irregular Times

Does your office or apartment window look lonely? Does your rear windshield cry out to you "I support John Kerry, but nobody knows"? Would you like to put a bumper sticker on your car, but aren't looking forward to the sticky mess? Well, set yourself aright with these transparent window decals in support of John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid.

Each of these decals attaches to the inside of your window or windshield via static cling, so it's protected from the elements. The decals are repositionable as well, and come off without any messy residue -- for best results, do be sure that the surface you apply them to is dry and free of dust and gunk. And rest your mind: all decals are professionally printed right here in the USA, not in some crummy sweatshop you'd never want to work in yourself. The price listed below includes shipping and handling, so don't you worry about a big old boxing bill.

HOW TO APPLY THE DECALS: First, make sure that the surface you'll be applying the decals to is clean, dry and dust-free. Second, keep in mind that you'll be applying the decals to the INSIDE of a window (inside a car, for instance) so that you can see the decals on the OUTSIDE of that window (so passersby can see the pattern). Third, peel apart the two layers (yep, there are two layers!) of the decal. Fourth, simply apply the decal to that window. It works by static cling, so you can always peel it off the window and reposition it.

By the way, these decals are just the beginning. As you can see on the lower left hand side of this page, we sell sneaker badges odd bumper sticker as well. These different forms help you spread your message in various places: on the street, in your home and in personal conversation.

Click on the image of each decal you are interested in to add it to your shopping cart. Your payment will be processed securely and safely via PayPal.

To find all of the bumper stickers, window decals and sneaker badges we personally sell and ship via Paypal, browse through the categories listed alphabetically below:

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Earth Kerry Window Decal -- $2.50

Kerry Window Decal (one star) -- $2.50

Kerry Window Decal (three stars) -- $2.50

Large Kerry-Edwards 2004 Window Decal (3.75 inches by 5 inches) -- $3.50

Republicans for Kerry Window Decal -- $2.50

Republicans for Kerry Window Decal -- $2.50

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