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Leo (July 23-August 22) Element: Fire For the week of May 3 - May 9, 2004

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you know this all too well, Leo: you are in an emotional constipation. You feel like time and circumstance are working against you. And that's not only because you're a Liberal in a Republican world, my friend. There are circumstances that you have no control over that you are allowing to really get under your skin. To press on through this period of tension, I suggest the following regimen: hot baths with penetrating moisturizing soaps (stay away from oils, people are mostly water don't mix well with them); drink lots of fluids like water and herbal teas (coffee is okay-stay away from juice); eat roughage (if you're a low-carber, nuts or low-carb breads work just fine here); and do something that makes you sweat (we'll leave details up to you.) The point is to get what is in or goes in OUT - to push through the emotional blockage by acting out in the physical world. The frustrating circumstances will clear up in their own time. In the meanwhile, do what you can to make your body feel better. Fashion tip: avoid wearing the color brown.

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