Blogs Supporting Les Roberts for Congress

Les Roberts is a true progressive patriot, a man who has risked his life in eight war zones in order to help his country and the condition of humanity. In Iraq, Les Roberts had himself smuggled across the Jordanian border so that he could direct an on the ground study of the impact of the American invasion and occupation on Iraqi civilians. He's worked in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide to bring people in Central Africa the relief they needed. He's been on the ground in Afghanistan and Bosnia, and has worked with Congress, the National Security Council, and the International Rescue Committee. Throughout it all, Les Roberts has maintained his progressive principles, and worked to help people, not to harm them.

Now, Les Roberts is running for Congress, and he is attracting a significant level of local support. These blogs represent just some of that support, building a strong progressive network to propel Les Roberts to the Democratic nomination for New York's 24th congressional district, and into the U.S. House of Representatives in November.

  • Democrats for Les Roberts

  • Elect Les Roberts

  • Les Roberts political profile

  • Les Roberts campaign blog
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