Lesbian, Gay and Queer Pride: A Progressive Collection from Irregular Times

There's a lot more to a sticker than an image and a bunch of glue. Stickers are a way of visibly standing up for yourself and others when the prevailing winds are trying to knock people down.

The decades of progress made by movements of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight-allied people is facing an onslaught from the Republican establishment, led by George W. Bush and his buddies of backward vision. Those of us who stand for real American traditions -- of expanding liberty and the freedom to love -- need to give courage to those of like mind -- and to help others who are unsure feel more confident in questioning the backward direction in which Bush and his ilk would like to take us. A sticker is a great way to do that - beautiful speech with no soap box required.

Worried about outsourced sweatshops? Well, don't sweat it: these stickers are all professionally printed right here in the USA, not in some dirty polluting worker-smashing factory overseas. You don't have to worry about shipping costs either. The prices you see below include shipping and handling, so there's no hidden big old boxing bill.

Stickers can go all sorts of places: small ones fit well on a locker or on a bicycle. Larger stickers are ideal for the bumper of a car. And we're sure you can imagine all sorts of unmentionable places to put these stickers to outlandish effect. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity and by the extent of your outrage.

By the way, these stickers are just the beginning. We sell buttons, magnets and window decals as well. These different forms of political speech help you spread the word in various places: on the street, in your home and in personal conversation.

Click on the image of each sticker you are interested in to add it to your shopping cart. Your payment will be processed securely and safely via PayPal.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We're going on vacation until the middle of August, and since the labor going into making bumper stickers is especially high, we're only going to make these for you if you REALLY want them. That's why we've temporarily raised prices on the bumper stickers below. If you want to buy at these prices, we'll make the stickers for you. But if you're willing to wait until August 15, the prices on stickers will go back down.

Don't worry, our prices on everything else (including the already-printed bulk bumper stickers) stay the same, and we're going to keep shipping out during our time at the beach. Surf's up!

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We've also partnered with CafePress to offer the Internet's single largest collection of progressive Election 2004 bumper stickers. Check us out at Irregular Goods.

We're relatively new to the whole selling thing, but we've been writing an online journal for nine years now -- a pretty long time for the Internet. It's called Irregular Times -- check it out when you get the chance.

Rainbow Triangle Sticker (2.5 inches) -- $10

Seven Sticker Pack - Rainbow Triangles (1 inch each) -- $10

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