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Irregular Goods -- A bumper sticker, a frisbee, a t-shirt, a coffee mug. When the regular media is bought and sold, it is important for you to broadcast an alternative message. Get the goods on George W. Bush, war, the police state and religion.

Irregular Books -- Book reviews unbound by the desire to approve everything.

What I Did in the War - Progressive Paraphernalia, as irregular as it sounds.

Northern Sun Merchandising -- these red diaper folks have been around for years, putting out old-time messages that can still sometimes ring true to today's issues. Worth a look.

The Irregular Media

irregular book of the month i.e. America Radio Network, - talk radio that doesn't Rush you with conservative angerlust

Alternative Press Center - a non-profit collective dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press

Irregularity Dot Communique. The communique and commerce are not equivalent. In the Internet of the Aught Decade, that makes this web site truly irregular. Aeolus Beta - a mag for politically aware young betwixters

WebActive Directory of alternative media publications

NewPages: a list of publications offering viewpoints not found in mainstream publications

Gregory Palast -- sometimes it takes an outsider to have the courage to tell it how it is. Visit this British journalist's site to read the dirty details about American politics that are rarely covered by American journalists.

Peter Werbe -- veteran of The Fifth Estate and denizen of reasonable radio, Werbe gets progressive politics on the air. -- a fantastic resource of independently published material: ezines, ebooks and graphics - irregular writers and readers both can get a lot out of this site. -- News assembled to reflect a progressive perspective not covered in most of the media.

Irregular Security - Peace and Nonviolence

  • People For Peace: Peace through Compassion and Tolerance

  • National Network to End the War Against Iraq NNEWAI - an acronym that, when read aloud, sounds quite a bit like "No Way!" We concur.

  • United For Peace, a great resource for finding out about the huge number of anti-war protests that are taking place all around the country, including ones near you! Darn it, now you don't have an excuse not to participate.

  • Collateral Terror, addressing the legitimacy of Bush's War on Terror

  • The Chickenhawk Database

  • Spare the Child

  • World Corporal Punishment Research

  • War Resisters League

  • Poets Against The War - representing poets who were dis-invited from Laura Bush's White House literary gathering, on account of the fact that some of their poetic ideas didn't match with her political ideology

    Irregular Advocates - Protecting Public Health and Welfare

  • Advocates for Youth - fighting for the right for teenagers to hear the whole truth about sex

  • Forget all those abstinence education sites - they only tell you what they want you to believe. ScarletTeen tells teenagers the facts, and then lets them decide for themselves what they believe!

    Local Leftist Links

    Direct Action to Stop the War - their peaceful protesters were attacked by police, with rubber bullets and concussion grenades.

  • Cayugo! - looking at Cayuga County from an Irregular perspective

  • Syracuse Peace Council - Working for nonviolence in central New York since 1836.

  • Memphis Decomposed: Lifting the Lid on the American City of the Dead

  • Downwinders - advocacy for the victims of radioactive fallout resulting from U.S. government above-ground nuclear detonations

  • EcoVillage at Ithaca: Finally a planned community that actually lives as a community!

    Miscellaneous Left-Of-Center Links

  • Link Crusader - connected with over 700 anti-Bush sites, and growing, Link Crusader leads you to like-minded Americans working hard to bring the shameful days of Republican rule to an end

  • Common Dreams "Breaking News And Views for the Progressive Community" is what they call it. What I want to know is, where is this progressive community everyone keeps talking about, anyway, and do they have good restaurants there?

  • The Ribald Reign of King George the Second - reporting on George W. the boy king

  • Find zany scribbles and blog dribbles at XOverboard!

  • On the Merits: Skewering President Bush not by mocking him, but by carefully evaluating his policies, implicit and explicit

  • Liberalism Resurgent: A response to the Right

  • Scouting For All -- Sick of the sanctimonious, militant bigotry of the Boy Scouts of America? Want your child to be safe from hateful reactionary indoctrination? Check out Scouting For All, an organization which works to reform the Boy Scouts, pushing for an end to discriminatory hiring and membership practices.

  • New Humanist - Promoting a sane path for humanity

    The People's Government

  • return to -- the most effective organization standing in opposition to the policies of George W. Bush, Inc. The best part of MoveOn is that you can become a part of its success by joining the organization as an online volunteer.

  • Check out and, two non-profit web sites that let the little people check up on the campaign funding of the big people in national government.

  • The Center for Public Integrity and the Federal Election Commission also offer information on the corporations and organizations that fund political campaigns

  • Given the faith-based lunacy of times like these, Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a must-link.

  • Likewise with People for the American Way

  • To find out more about the guy who wants to be, you know, like, Totally Aware of all of your personal information, check out the John Poindexter Information Awareness Office.

  • By starting a war against a nation that has not provoked attack, Bush has not only outraged the world, he has also broken international law. Vote to Impeach Bush!

  • 2008 Presidential Election - A Quick Overview is exactly what it says

    The People's Living

  • The Fair Trade Federation offers a variety of products directly from the people who make 'em

  • In a superb twist on the Radical Right's silly boycott of french fries, a French web site is establishing a boycott of firms that have supported the candidacy and presidency of George W. Bush

    Environmentalist Links

  • Sure, it's commercial, but every free click helps, a little teeny eensy weensy bit. Free email doesn't hurt, either. Get into

  • The National Wildlife Federation has been working to protect the environment for generations, and there's no time like the present to get involved in its efforts. Sign up for membership now!

    Irreligious Links

  • Losing My Religion -- Guidance by ex-Christians for those who are leaving faith behind

  • Atheist Foundation of Australia - with International insights

  • Secular Students Alliance, Mobilizing students for a New Enlightenment.

  • irregular actionAtheist Alliance: a democratic association of independent, autonomous atheist societies, and a great web resource to boot! Get yer atheist organization listed here!

  • Positive Atheism Magazine: Discussing the history, ethics and philosophy of atheism.

  • Skeptical Information Links - from Discord.Org

  • SkepticNews - for up-to-date information on issues that challenge the critical thinker

  • Freethought Radio - for the sounds of free thinking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • The Secular Web

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