Miscellaneous Left-Of-Center Links

  • Protect America. Act! - a center of information and activism against the Protect America Act

  • Sources of Unconventional Sagacity - links of liberally unusually wisdom

  • Democrat President 2008 - dedicated to finding a Democratic presidential candidate with a solid agenda in 2008.

  • Irregular States - a rapidly growing collection of links to left-of-center organizations in every state of the union.

  • Red Poppy - taking Pablo Neruda's humanism forward in Latin America

  • The Proud Liberal - featuring campaign gear with a proud liberal message that transcends particular candidates

  • The Human Rights Campaign, which takes the startling position that discrimination against people for their private sexual activities is not a good thing

  • Link Crusader - connected with over 700 anti-Bush sites, and growing, Link Crusader leads you to like-minded Americans working hard to bring the shameful days of Republican rule to an end

  • Common Dreams "Breaking News And Views for the Progressive Community" is what they call it. What I want to know is, where is this progressive community everyone keeps talking about, anyway, and do they have good restaurants there?

  • The Center for American Progress, a progressive counter to the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. The Center for American Progress responds to conservative misinformation with the facts, keeping hack journalists from corporate media outlets honest.

  • The Ribald Reign of King George the Second - reporting on George W. the boy king

  • The tentacles of America's Left are writhing over at the American Liberal Lens on Squidoo

  • Liberalism Resurgent: A response to the Right

  • Scouting For All -- Sick of the sanctimonious, militant bigotry of the Boy Scouts of America? Want your child to be safe from hateful reactionary indoctrination? Check out Scouting For All, an organization which works to reform the Boy Scouts, pushing for an end to discriminatory hiring and membership practices.

  • New Humanist - Promoting a sane path for humanity, without the baggage of ancient orthodoxy

  • Think there's nothing going on - that America's progressives have just given up and gone to sleep? Au contraire, mon frere! Check out the Radicalendar for just a fraction of some of the fantastic events that are going on as part of the progressive resistance - every day of the week.

  • Sex and Politics focuses on the intersection of desire and power.

  • Visit Lesbotronic, because under Republican rule, women loving women is a radical act of civil disobedience. Lesbotronic got more than just the love connection - they've got links to provoke the progressive mind. After all, when love is a crime, the whole body of American conscience must rebel.

  • After 2004 - covering the post-election world of progressive activism

  • The Gall - What will Mr. Banks say? You know how the cause infuriates Mr. Banks!

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