IRREGULAR TIMESThe News That You, Of Course, Didn't Hear

Friday, March 28.

In New Orleans, largest city of one of the most conservative states in the nation, five hundred people marched by Canal Street against a war against Iraq.

It must have happened. I was there. I saw it with my own eyes. I counted each individual as she or he passed.

Yet not a single mention of this event in a single newspaper or on a single newscast can be found.

I must be wrong. My eyes must be blind. My ears must be deaf. This event must never have occured. The media would never so blantantly decieve its public.

Two days later: In nearby Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the appearance of a dozen pro-war protesters at an intersection merited a TV newscast.

Four days before: To the west in Austin, Texas, news coverage focused around a pro-war rally drawing 200, although an anti-war rally four days before that had drawn thousands.

But enough of that. Trust your government. Trust the media. Stop thinking and turn CNN back on.

If any stray pictures of dead babies somehow make it onto your TV screen or appear on your computer monitor, unplug the electricity and think of pretty bunnies and lambies.

Bunnies and Lambies.

Eventually, you'll forget, and it will all feel better.

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