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irregular times logoThey Don't Want to Know About It:
Republican Senators Block Investigation
Into Torture and Abuse by Bush Administration

America didn't hear much about it from the mass news media, but there was an important vote in the Senate yesterday, a vote which could have changed the history of our country - for the better. As it turned out, the vote stymied the progress of the American nation, and reflected the bitter division in American culture that has brought the United States into disrepute.

The vote was on an amendment offered by Michigan Senator Carl Levin. The amendment would have established "a national commission on policies and practices on the treatment of detainees since September 11, 2001."

We've been waiting years for the establishment of such a commission, which would finally bring about an independent investigation into the secret torture prisons of the Bush Administration. We have been of the opinion that the American people deserve to know whether their government is torturing prisoners and committing other war crimes in the name of the United States of America.

There is a great deal of evidence for the existence of secret torture prisons established with the knowledge of President George W. Bush. Seeing this mass of evidence, the rest of the world has already judged the United States of America to be a threat to human rights around the world.

The USA's once exemplary reputation has been sullied by the operation of torture prisons, but we do have the chance to clean up this mess, and return America to its former place of honor and pride in the world community. We, the American people, have the power, through Congress, to launch investigations independent of George W. Bush's influence. We can investigate these secret prisons, and hold President Bush and his aides legally accountable for their crimes in organizing and operating these prisons. If it comes to it, we can impeach Bush for his role.

But, it all starts with an independent commission, which is what Senator Carl Levin's amendment would have created. The commission would have had the power to finally get the whole truth from the Bush Administration about its involvement in secret prisons of torture set up around the world.

Sadly, a small majority of right wing senators stood in the way of justice and the restoration of America's reputation. When asked whether they wanted to know what has been going on in Bush's secret torture prisons, these senators said NO. They prefer to remain ignorant, and to pretend that nothing is happening.

The vote was close - just 55 against and 43 in favor.

Wouldn't you know it? Not one single Republican senator voted in favor of creating the commission to investigate the secret torture prisons. No, not even Senator John McCain, who talks tough on torture sometimes, but other times seems just to look the other way. No, Senator McCain just turned his back on this vote, and walked away, neglecting to cast a vote either way.

Only one Democrat caved in to pressure from the ruling Republican elites and voted against the establishment of the commission to investigate abuse and torture of prisoners in Bush's secret prisons. Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska did the cowardly thing, and voted along with the Republicans, showing that he just doesn't want to know about torture in American prisons - he'll just avert his eyes and walk away from the problem.

We all have a right to know what kind of torture George W. Bush has been committing in the name of our nation. Because the Republican senators shamefully avoided their responsibility of oversight in this instance, we all have the right to know how our own senators voted on this historic occasion.

For that reason, we at Irregular Times have compiled two lists, found below. The first is a list of the senators who betrayed their duty and voted to block an investigation of torture authorized by George W. Bush. The second list shows the senators who did the right thing, and voted to authorize the independent commission to investigate these war crimes, and restore America's reputation in the world.

In both cases, we have included here a link to each senator's congressional scorecard, and the senator's telephone number. Please, call your senators and let them know that you were watching when this vote went down.

Senators who betrayed liberty and voted against investigating torture in Bush's secret prisons:

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander (email) phone: 202-202-224-4944
Republican Senator Wayne Allard (email) phone: 202-202-224-5941
Republican Senator George Allen (email) phone: 202-202-224-4024
Republican Senator Robert Bennett (email) phone: 202-202-224-5444
Republican Senator Christopher Bond (email) phone: 202-202-224-5721
Republican Senator Sam Brownback (email) phone: 202-202-224-6521
Republican Senator Jim Bunning (email) phone: 202-202-224-4343
Republican Senator Conrad Burns (email) phone: 202-202-224-2644
Republican Senator Richard Burr (email) phone: 202-202-224-3154
Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee (email) phone: 202-202-224-2921
Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss (email) phone: 202-202-224-3521
Republican Senator Tom Coburn (email) phone: 202-202-224-5754
Republican Senator Thad Cochran (email) phone: 202-202-224-5054
Republican Senator Norm Coleman (email) phone: 202-202-224-5641
Republican Senator Susan Collins (email) phone: 202-202-224-2523
Republican Senator John Cornyn (email) phone: 202-202-224-2934
Republican Senator Larry Craig (email) phone: 202-202-224-2752
Republican Senator Michael Crapo (email) phone: 202-202-224-6142
Republican Senator Jim DeMint (email) phone: 202-202-224-6121
Republican Senator Mike DeWine (email) phone: 202-202-224-2315
Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole (email) phone: 202-202-224-6342
Republican Senator Pete Domenici (email) phone: 202-202-224-6621
Republican Senator John Ensign (email) phone: 202-202-224-6244
Republican Senator Michael Enzi (email) phone: 202-202-224-3424
Republican Senator Bill Frist (email) phone: 202-202-224-3344
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (email) phone: 202-202-224-5972
Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (email) phone: 202-202-224-3744
Republican Senator Judd Gregg (email) phone: 202-202-224-3324
Republican Senator Chuck Hagel (email) phone: 202-202-224-4224
Republican Senator Orrin Hatch (email) phone: 202-202-224-5251
Republican Senator Kay Hutchison (email) phone: 202-202-224-5922
Republican Senator James Inhofe (email) phone: 202-202-224-4721
Republican Senator Johnny Isakson (email) phone: 202-202-224-3643
Republican Senator Jon Kyl (email) phone: 202-202-224-4521
Republican Senator Trent Lott (email) phone: 202-202-224-6253
Republican Senator Richard Lugar (email) phone: 202-202-224-4814
Republican Senator Mel Martinez (email) phone: 202-202-224-3041
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell (email) phone: 202-202-224-2541
Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (email) phone: 202-202-224-6665
Democratic Senator Ben Nelson (email) phone: 202-202-224-6551
Republican Senator Pat Roberts (email) phone: 202-202-224-4774
Republican Senator Rick Santorum (email) phone: 202-202-224-6324
Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (email) phone: 202-202-224-4124
Republican Senator Richard Shelby (email) phone: 202-202-224-5744
Republican Senator Gordon Smith (email) phone: 202-202-224-3753
Republican Senator Olympia Snowe (email) phone: 202-202-224-5344
Republican Senator Arlen Specter (email) phone: 202-202-224-4254
Republican Senator Ted Stevens (email) phone: 202-202-224-3004
Republican Senator John Sununu (email) phone: 202-202-224-2841
Republican Senator James Talent (email) phone: 202-202-224-6154
Republican Senator Craig Thomas (email) phone: 202-202-224-6441
Republican Senator John Thune (email) phone: 202-202-224-2321
Republican Senator David Vitter (email) phone: 202-202-224-4623
Republican Senator George Voinovich (email) phone: 202-202-224-3353
Republican Senator John Warner (email) phone: 202-202-224-2023
Senators who did the right thing and voted for investigating torture in Bush's secret prisons:
Democratic Senator Daniel Akaka (email) phone: 202-202-224-6361
Democratic Senator Max Baucus (email) phone: 202-202-224-2651
Democratic Senator Evan Bayh (email) phone: 202-202-224-5623
Democratic Senator Joseph Biden (email) phone: 202-202-224-5042
Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman (email) phone: 202-202-224-5521
Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer (email) phone: 202-202-224-3553
Democratic Senator Robert Byrd (email) phone: 202-202-224-3954
Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell (email) phone: 202-202-224-3441
Democratic Senator Thomas Carper (email) phone: 202-202-224-2441
Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton (email) phone: 202-202-224-4451
Democratic Senator Kent Conrad (email) phone: 202-202-224-2043
Democratic Senator Mark Dayton (email) phone: 202-202-224-3244
Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd (email) phone: 202-202-224-2823
Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan (email) phone: 202-202-224-2551
Democratic Senator Richard Durbin (email) phone: 202-202-224-2152
Democratic Senator Russell Feingold (email) phone: 202-202-224-5323
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein (email) phone: 202-202-224-3841
Democratic Senator Tom Harkin (email) phone: 202-202-224-3254
Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye (email) phone: 202-202-224-3934
Independent Senator James Jeffords (email) phone: 202-202-224-5141
Democratic Senator Tim Johnson (email) phone: 202-202-224-5842
Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy (email) phone: 202-202-224-4543
Democratic Senator John Kerry (email) phone: 202-202-224-2742
Democratic Senator Herb Kohl (email) phone: 202-202-224-5653
Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu (email) phone: 202-202-224-5824
Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg (email) phone: 202-202-224-3224
Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (email) phone: 202-202-224-4242
Democratic Senator Carl Levin (email) phone: 202-202-224-6221
Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman (email) phone: 202-202-224-4041
Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln (email) phone: 202-202-224-4843
Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski (email) phone: 202-202-224-4654
Democratic Senator Patty Murray (email) phone: 202-202-224-2621
Democratic Senator Bill Nelson (email) phone: 202-202-224-5274
Democratic Senator Barack Obama (email) phone: 202-202-224-2854
Democratic Senator Mark Pryor (email) phone: 202-202-224-2353
Democratic Senator Jack Reed (email) phone: 202-202-224-4642
Democratic Senator Harry Reid (email) phone: 202-202-224-3542
Democratic Senator John Rockefeller (email) phone: 202-202-224-6472
Democratic Senator Ken Salazar (email) phone: 202-202-224-5852
Democratic Senator Paul Sarbanes (email) phone: 202-202-224-4524
Democratic Senator Charles Schumer (email) phone: 202-202-224-6542
Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow (email) phone: 202-202-224-4822
Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (email) phone: 202-202-224-5244

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