IRREGULAR TIMESBush's Sacrifice of the Martyrs:
Broken Promises to the Heroes of September 11

Oh, Dubya, you big talker, you!

In the hours after the attacks of September 11, 2001 you were on the run. Instead of returning to Washington, D.C. to take command, you flew around the country on your Presidential plane, staring out the window in shock like everyone else.

george w. bush 9-11 heroesThen you met with your public relations advisers. You listened to Donald Rumsfeld, who advised you to pin it on the Iraqis, whether they were related or not. Karl Rove went into high gear, planning how you could use the attacks to promote the agenda of the right wing extremists who put you into office in the first place.

You called the people of New York City "heroes". You started making promises.

Well, whatever happened to those promises, King W.?

You promised to support the firefighters and police officers of New York City who rescued so many people from the falling towers of the World Trade Center.

A few months later, you introduced and signed a bill that cut the funding for police and firefighters in New York City and across America.

bush's broken promisesYou promised to keep the surviving population of New York City safe.

Then, almost immediately, you ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to lie to the people of New York City. You ordered the EPA to tell them that the air quality of Manhattan was safe enough for them to return to, even though there was no evidence of safety and some evidence of danger. In the two years since, many of the people who returned to the area under your suggestion are developing respiratory illnesses.

You promised New York 20 billion dollars to rebuild and recover from the devastating attacks.

Two years later, you still haven't delivered the reconstruction funds that you promised to the people of New York. You say that there just isn't enough money in the budget. It's a bit funny, then, how you were able to find money for huge tax cuts for the rich. It's a bit odd how you've been able to find enough money to invade and occupy Iraq, which so far has cost over five times the amount you promised New York for basic recovery.

george bush moral clarityNew York's economy was devastated by the attacks of September 11, and the New York State Legislature has had to cut money for schools, libraries and medicine for the elderly as a result. You haven't lifted a finger to help, Mr. W.

We've had enough of your promises, Junior. The attacks of September 11 required a President to give the people of New York some real help, something more than just campaign promises and public relations opportunities with waving flags. We needed a leader with substance. So far, you haven't given the "heroes" of New York anything but lies and broken promises.

Would you tell us that what's good for New York is good for America?

Thanks for nothing, Dubya.

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