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Tim Pawlenty Political Profile

tim pawlentyElected positions:

- Eagan City Council - 1989
- Minnesota State House of Representatives - 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000
- Governor of Minnesota in 2002 and 2006


- B.A. in Political Science, University of Minnesota, 1983
- Law degree, University of Minnesota, 1986

Issue positions:

War and Peace

- Supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003, claiming in 2004 that the war was justified because "Saddam Hussein himself was a weapon of mass destruction"
- Admitted in 2004 that "people are becoming unnerved by" the ongoing occupation of Iraq
- In 2008, claimed that the war in Iraq is good for the economy
- Supported the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001
- Advocates increasing the number of American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan


- Vetoed the Central Corridor light rail project to enable quick, clean transportation between the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
- Opposed allowing local governments to regulate factory farms
- Supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
- In favor of expanding offshore oil drilling


- Supported raising taxes and using public funds to pay for a baseball stadium

- Raised government fees - a tax hike in everything but name
- Is projected to run the upcoming two-year state budget at a deficit of 4.4 billion dollars
- Has proposed cutting state health care programs in order to avoid raising taxes on wealthy Minnesotans
- Supports making tax cuts for billionaires permanent

Constitutional Rights

- Opposes investigations and prosecutions of government agents who appear to have tortured prisoners
- Supports requiring public school students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, including oath to a "nation under God", regardless of beliefs about religion
- Proposed requiring biometric face scans for Minnesota residents seeking drivers' licenses


- Supports teaching Intelligent Design Creationism in public school science classes.
- Pushed for the return of Profiles of Learning graduation requirements even after they had been proven ineffective in helping students and were repealed.
- Raised tuition at Minnesota state colleges and universities

Separation of Church and State

- Against separation of church and state
- Asserts that the United States government is a Christian nation in its foundations
- Stated in 2009 that "God is the God of all. Hes the God of the White House, of the Congress, of state capitols, of school board meetings, city council meetings, all of it. So our job as value voters and concerned citizens is to get up each day, to be faithful, to work hard, and our job is to put in our best effort, and God owns the result."

Marriage Equality

- Signed a pledge, crafted by Michele Bachmann, to support a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality for same sex marriage
- Opposed granting equal benefits to domestic partnerships

Significant Statements:

"I know Senator Palin - or Governor Palin - has said Intelligent Design is something that she thinks should be taught along with evolution in the schools, and I think that's appropriate... Intelligent design is something that, in my view, is plausible and credible and something that I personally believe in." - 8/31/2009

"We're going to talk tonight a little bit about our values, but it is important that we not just talk about our values, we also need to be able to translate those into action and results, so it's important that we know what we believe, why we believe it, that we're able to communicate it to others in effective and powerful and inviting ways, but we also have to make a difference by making sure that our values get implemented, and that's why I'm so glad that you're part of this gathering here, the Values Voters, an organization that is committed not just to values but to action, to voting, to mobilizing, and frankly, holding public officials accountable because I know you're tired and I'm tired of sending people to places like Washington, D.C. under the banner of, you know, the conservative or values jersey and then they don't behave or vote like we expect them to behave and vote." - Statement to right wing Values Voters Summit, September, 2009

Other Liabilities:

- A year before he died, right wing Robert Novak wrote that Tim Pawlenty is the most right wing governor that Minnesota has seen since the 1920s.

- In 2008, Pawlenty proposed "a Sam's Club approach to government". By that, did Pawlenty mean to suggest using government to force local-owned small businesses out of operation, using cheap outsourced labor from sweatshops in foreign countries that fail to meet American standards for human rights and environmental protection?

- Suggested that Minnesota could secede from the Union in order to avoid granting its citizens health care reform

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