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A New Way to Spread the Word for 2004

As the chill hits the air and the leaves fall, we are entering two seasons. The first is Halloween season, a day taken from the pagans by the Christians and hallowed, then taken back by pagans to let the spirits out, then recouped by commercial interests to sell cheap molded plastic and Dolly Madison cupcakes. The second is Election season, that rare time when everyday people actually have a chance to influence the future direction of the country.

Some say you shouldn't mix your metaphors. Some say we should let the kiddies have Halloween and leave the politics to the side. I say if you think Halloween isn't already political, you should trace the campaign donations of M&M-Mars and listen to the anxious sermons from the nation's pulpit. Halloween is one of those celebratory days that is actually up for grabs, having been defined and redefined in each new generation's spirit.

Given the current plasticization and profitization of Halloween, we think it's time for a wee shift, and what better shift as Election Day approaches than to let your gourd sport a reminder about what follows only a few days after?

Lawn signs have been doing their work to send progressive, Democratic, pro-Kerry and anti-Bush messages. But after a while the lawn signs begin to blur together in people's minds. One thing that'll surprise 'em for sure is a political pumpkin. It's cheaper than a lawn sign. You don't have to wait for it in the mail. And hoo boy, it sure will be different!

Carve one of these jaunty progressive political messages into a jack-o-lantern and put it by the curb. Then watch as the cars slow down, as the necks pop out of the windows, and as people register the message: your town is Kerry country. Your town is a Democratic town. Your town doesn't cotton to the like of Bush. And, most importantly of all, your town is a place where people turn out and VOTE come Election Day.

Click on an image below to download a small pdf file of a pumpkin pattern: a Democratic donkey, an anti-Bush message, a Kerry message, a reminder to vote. Shrink or enlarge the pdf when you print it to match the size of the pumpkin you'll be carving, then tape it to your pumpkin, carve out the areas in black and ... voila! Your political pumpkin will be ready for public viewing.

Democratic Party donkey political pumpkin pattern Dump Bush anti-Bush political pumpkin template
John Kerry 2004 political pumpkin carving pattern Vote 2004 political pumpkin pattern

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