Positively Irregular...yes, we do have some ideas of our own!

We here at Irregular Times are pretty cranky about the current state of affairs in the world, so we complain about things a lot. One of the most common reactions we hear is that "all you do is complain complain complain and whine whine whine! How about actually proposing your own solutions?" When we respond that we actually DO have make some constructive suggestions, nobody believes us.

So, for the record, we've gathered together some pieces that not only suggest constructive solutions to continuing social problems, but are centrally focused on that project. We hope you'll not only conclude that we're not universally critical, but also that there is a unified positive vision underlying our curmudgeonly approach -- even when the particular subject matter varies. If you're ready to consider an alternative approach to the current dominant shenanigans in our society, read on.

Affirming Irregularity

Regular speech is commercially totemic, emblematic of the emptiness of the times. Regular speech begs for email without giving any reason for communication. Regular speech is a series of mirrors, "links" to others' ideas without any content of its own. Regular speech is hypertext in which text has been replaced with the empty promises of advertisements, animated graphics, and cookies with no chocolate chips.

These pages are devoted to irregular speech:

  • Not according to rule, accepted order, or general practice
  • Not conforming to legality, moral law, or social conventions
  • Not straight, uniform, or symmetrical
  • Of uneven rate, occurence, or duration
  • Falling below the manufacturer's standard or usual specifications, imperfect
We are unruly, odd,
bent, unaccountable,
unpredictable, flawed.

We are honest. We are irregular.

Saying nothing is just a way of saying you have nothing to say! Irregular Times require talking back.
Give us your Irregular Retorts!

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