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In these days of eroding civil liberty, the mainstream news media seems to be letting its responsibility slip, reporting on new laws in only the most superficial manner. I don't know the deepest truth of the matter, but it appears that mainstream news organizations are avoiding tough reporting on the attacks against American liberty in order to retain access to top government officials.

protect america act movieWhatever explains the mainstream news skip over the important news of constitutional violations, we won't repeat the error. We at Irregular Times are doing our best to dig deep into the facts behind the quick rush to pass the Protect America Act, a law which gives unprecedented power to Alberto Gonzales and the Director of National Intelligence to spy against the online activities of American citizens without even the pretense of an attempt to get a search warrant. Unrestrained spying power on the Internet and on telephone lines gives the Bush Administration unrestrained power to watch our private lives, and use that information against us.

The articles below attempt to explore the implications of the Protect America Act in the new, nationalistic Homeland America:

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