False Witness:

Unpacking myths, slipups, scams and lies in American religion

jesus prays fundraising joke

The Religious Fundamentalism of the Tea Party - and non-Christian Americans aren't welcome to share in their little revolution

The plan to have the military teach children using a government funded church

Sarah Palin and the Plan of God - Leading America into a lake of fire

John McCain and Rod Parsley's Miracles for Money Scheme - Selfish economic theology guides the McCain for President campaign

John McCain Embraces John Hagee
- and Hagee's religious fanaticism too

Helpful Hints for the Conservative Christian
in the same-sex marriage argument

The Problem With
Faith-Based Presidency

Are we really all weeping for the Pope?

Atheist Goods:
Bumperstickers, t-shirt, poster for non-believers - all original

Support the Defense of Porridge Act!
It's the right thing to do. God says so!

Bush's Holy Warrior:
General William Boykin promotes a New Crusade

Irregular Document:Crimine Solicitationis:
The Vatican's 1962 secret guidebook on how to cover up sexual abuse by priests -- Read a short list of selections here.

Five Easy Steps to Divinity:
A Spirit-Filled Market Analysis

The Last Public Relations Meeting of Christ
Messianic consultants demand divine compensation

Jesus Returns from the Dead...
...and flattens half of South America from outer space!

Republican Education Secretary Rod Paige: Use public schools to promote Christianity or abandon public schools altogether Another extremist plank from the platform of the Real GOP

We Trust in Us
Freethinkers in Tennessee organize to defeat a bill to put a declaration of religious faith on the state flag

Introducing the Word of God According to Kenny
Why keep arguing with fundamentalist Christians when you can start your own neato religion?

Godless Goods
Irreligious bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons and more

Bible Sneak
Apparently, in Arizona "Separation" is synonymous with "Pasting"...

God and the Dog
Irregular Times finally finds absolute proof of God's existence!

Biblical Illiteralism
Following the word of God could be more difficult than you might think...

Religion and the Community School
The Public School as a Pulpit

False Witness
False Truth and Faulty Logic in God's Kingdom

IRREGULAR TIMES secrets of the bible: what your church doesn't want you to know Department of Credulity Studies

Surrounded by Paganism - Newt Gingrich was right all along!

Hutaree Watch - following America's homegrown Christian terrorists

Do You Follow Jesus? Prove it. Meet This Easy Challenge - or will you sell your soul for just ten dollars?

Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee And the Problem of Witchcraft - Getting real about the cruelty of real witch hunts

The Sexual Sermons of Pastor Robinson - What a Friend Jesus Had In That Teenage Girl

Grappling With Christianity: News and Messages

A Map of American Empire
- the logical end of the path of America's faith

God Controlled By Numbers and Text Messaging - a Tennessee Christian rally identifies the limits of divine power

Ron Paul Opposes Separation of Church and State - The supposedly progressive Republican promotes right wing religious power

To covet your neighbor's slave: On Slavery and the Ten Commandments in 21st century politics

Sermonizing the Schools, it's a creeping theocracy

An Irregular Intervew with the Secular Coalition for America
- on the future of secular America under the second Bush term

The 700 Club Attacks Marriage - See what those wacky fundamentalists are up to now...

Online Resource: Secular Americans Against Bush

God Works in a Mysterious Cubicle

Religion, Government and Statesmanship: Comparing John Kerry and George W. Bush

Giant Underwater Jesus photographed near a South Pacific island!

The Monocultural Word of
the Church of Spam

Irregular Heresies
A store of statements of which the Pope is sure to disapprove

Vatican News Flash!
Pope discovers hippie New Age conspiracy!

Our plea to creationists: No more of your evidence! We secularists are quaking in our boots!

Bush Koans:
The Zen of W

Religion, Science and Schools
An Irregular Relationship

The Stupidity of Intelligent Design
A pseudoscientist falls into Creationism's black box... and threatens to drag Ohio along with him!

God Bless America: Say What?
What does "God Bless America" really mean?

The Day That Counts
Irregular times demand that we speak up for our civil rights...

Sin in the Senate
If those Bible-thumping politicians were sincere, what would they say?

The House and the Holy Rollers
A feel-good Jihad you can believe in!

The Laws of Religious Selection Evolution Theology Challenges Kansas Churches!

Think for the Southern Baptists
as they pray for the Hindus and Muslims and Jews ...

Pick a faith, any faith...Go Fish!

Irregular Dogma

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