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irregular times logoRon Paul Seeks to Destroy
Separation of Church and State

Ron Paul, as a libertarian, claims to value liberty and to be dedicated to the protection of the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution. In truth, however, Congressman Paul has worked to devalue the liberty guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul has worked to hobble the freedom of religion, claiming that there should be no separation of Church and State in American government. In a speech in 2002 explaining his introduction of legislation that would forbid American federal district courts and federal claims courts from hearing cases in which citizens claim to have had their religious freedom violated, Representative Paul complained,

"In case after case, the Supreme Court has used the infamous 'Separation of Church and State' metaphor to uphold court decisions that allow the federal government to intrude upon and deprive citizens of their religious liberty."

ron paul religious freedom portraitRon Paul further complained in that speech that the government ought not to be blocked from establishing official prayers in schools and at public events, and promoting the Old Testament as the source of American law in courthouses through the exclusive display of the Ten Commandments. In doing so, Ron Paul sided with radical right wing Christian zealots who seek theocracy, like Judge Roy Moore from Alabama.

Ron Paul's legislation, if enacted, would have enabled a two-class system of rights in America, with members of majority religious groups able to establish special rights to enforce their beliefs through the power of government institutions, and others unable to protect their right to not participate in the majority's religious rituals through the constitutionally-guaranteed access to the courts.

The separation of Church and State is not, as Ron Paul claims, infamous. It is celebrated by those who truly cherish liberty. The separation of Church and State has been invaluable in protecting the citizens of the United States of America from the establishment of a tyrannical theocracy of the sort envisioned by many of Ron Paul's Republican political allies. (Source: Congressional Record, June 13, 2002)

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