More Offshore Drilling Is Not Change I Can Believe In

Throughout the first decade of this century, George W. Bush's White House has pushed for increased offshore oil drilling along America's coastline. That was in spite of the clearly documented threats to the environment from offshore drilling, not just from oil spills, but from the release of toxic muds contaminated with heavy metals.

Increased offshore drilling wouldn't significantly reduce energy costs for Americans, but would provide big oil companies with additional sources of profit. Thus, expanded offshore drilling is a giveaway to oil corporations that doesn't benefit Americans in general, but threatens the integrity of our natural resources.

With the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, we were told that we would get "Change We Can Believe In". In terms of environmental and oceans policy, change we can believe in would have to be a stand against expanded offshore drilling. Indeed, in 2008, Democrats in Congress justified a vote in favor of expanded offshore drilling by saying that the vote would be overturned in 2009, and that President Obama would not pursue additional offshore drilling like George W. Bush had.

Now Obama has been elected, and what's happened? Obama has nominated Ken Salazar to become Secretary of the Interior. Salazar, asked during his confirmation hearing about his position on expanding offshore oil drilling, said that he is in favor of it.

So much for the Democrats' promises. The Bush White House was in favor of expanding offshore oil drilling , and now the Obama White House was in favor of expanding offshore oil drilling.

Where's the change? Bush stood against clean oceans, and now Obama's doing the same damned thing.

That's change in name only - the kind of change only a fool would believe in.

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