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A company called getAbstract has condensed 4,000 business books to summaries of just 5 pages each. So, the content of those 4,000 books has been reduced to the length of just 67 books.

Is it a reflection of bad writers or bad readers that these books can be shortened to just 5 pages each?

Why would anyone want a summary of a book that is only about 2 percent worthwhile?

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to pretend that we were in fights on alien planets, battling each other with laser guns. Now I see that with the X5 Hair Laser from SpencerForest, "low level light is the most exciting new treatment available for thinning hair.

My first thought is that the X5 Hair Laser is a trivialization of what once was an exciting Space Age development. Then, I reflect upon the fact that much of Space Age technology ended up being dedicated to killing people or creating foods that were neither healthy nor delicious to eat. The X5 Hair Laser serves us better as a tool of vanity than as a tool of vaporization.

Best combination of ideas in a single product: Alexander the Innovation Wizard offers Gravity Defyer Ladies Centurion Shoes

You could spend one hundred and sixty nine dollars on the Aero Gard Pro Set, plus the cost of electricity, to grow herbs a few inches high using nutrient tablets, a programmable computer, and grow lights. Or, you could spend a few dollars on seeds, clear some soil, and grow the same plants without using any electricity. Or, you could just buy fresh herbs when you need them over the space of a year, and end up paying much less than one hundred and sixty nine dollars for them.

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