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An online archive of original articles on the cultural conundrum of corporal punishment

Brought to you by Irregular Times, Spare the Child is a collection of considerations of the common but controversial practice of corporal punishment.

These articles are written by those in the know, who have studied educational policy on the graduate level, and have children of their own - unspanked. Here at Spare the Child, we advocate the uncommon idea that children can be successfully raised to adulthood without being slapped around.

Spare the child. Spoil the rod.

The articles:

The Terms of Corporal Punishment

Who Cares What the Research Says?

What the Bible Says About Corporal Punishment

Conservative Protestants and Corporal Punishment

Will America Become a Refuge for Torture?

What does it mean to do no harm?

America the Punisher

What ever happened to old-fashioned discipline?

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