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IRREGULAR TIMESSplintered Speech
The Medium is the Mud Pie

irregular guyIs America Ready to Elect a President With Brains?:
Confronting the sexism and racism of the 2008 presidential race

Think Blue 2008:
The problems that occur when progressives try to own activist language

A Reference Trapped in a Narrative Prison:
On The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, by Greg Palast

How Bumper Stickers Matter

The Power of Pride:
It takes a foreigner to show us what the heck that means

Progressive Patriotic Bumper Stickers:
Do you have to be an arrogant bigot to be a patriot?

A Writer is Not a Messiah:
A writer is a fool - but read anyway! Read because of it!

Political reporters give 110 Percent!:
Sports and political cliches clash in New Hampshire

Fighting the War on Terror:
Ode to the Transportation Security Administration

Flagging Signs of American Democracy:
How George W. Bush spilled ink all over Old Glory

The Doublespeak of War
When defense causes offense

Irregular Muse:
Laura Bush Inspires Anti-War Poetry - Oh the Nerve!

What Is?
A Path to Enlightenment Paved with Hyperlinks

Irregular News
The Way Things Could Have Been

Profiles in Cowardice
People who took the easy way out in hard times

What's the President Got to Hide?
Why has George W. Bush refused to hold press conferences?

Access This!
Wherefore Art Thou Messing With Shakespeare?

The Growth of the Ubiquitous Internet
the walls will have eyes

Forward the Panopticon
Introduce yourself to Big Brother's Great Uncle

The Credibility Gap
Utter nonsense shouted loudly is still utter nonsense

Urban Legends
Undeniably authentic email

Idiocy in Advertising
Only you know it's a wig. No, really!

The Feng Shui of Eastern Religion in the Western Bookstore
Wall to Waldenbooks

Irregular Times' Aborted Novels
I want to be a writer . . . some day.

The Subtle Subtext of Starship Troopers
Appearances can be deceiving...

Irregular Feedback
Ye Olde Retorte Shoppe

anagram studies

Social Bookmarking Loses Point With Pligg - An overexposed exposure in a circle of redirection

First Silence the Professors - A new Republican plan to punish political dissent

Tie an Irregular Ribbon around your mind
Support the counterspin

Yawngate Journalism Puts Bush to Bed

From Sense and Sensibility to Suit and Suitability
The choice of character from time to time

The Monocultural Word of
the Church of Spam

Lying Liars and the Lawyers Who Lie For Them
A fair and balanced investigation...

Ice Storm
News of war hits home

The Lord of the Database
Total Information Awareness is reborn...

Irregular Radio:
Our ongoing trek into the the woolly territory of non-profit, non-recognized radio...

Defense contractor has reporter fired
For telling the truth about Operation: A Rocky Freedom...

Code Orange:
A roll of duct tape, some plastic sheeting, and thou...

Re-Newing the News:
The Congress Section in your Daily Paper

What do we need the Pledge of Allegiance for?
And what's so wrong about letting children speak for themselves?

The Return of The Free Speech Internet
Taking the dot com graveyard back for a host of old tenants...

What is Free Speech?
"You can't say that, would make me look stupid!"

A Green Party Revolution?
Ralph Nader's followers get dirty

Frieda Wrote Plunk
And that's all she wrote

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Cops kill homeless man, but their dog's gonna be OK.

GreenZines and Spam
I do not like them, Spam-I-Am!

Big Brother Is Listening...Right Now
This is no X-files episode, but it could be.

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